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Netscape Animated Logo Change...

coolcole asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-09-20
Okay... here's one gurus... how do I change the animated logo?  I've got one the exact same size.... but I can't change it... I've got the Netscape Client Customization Kit 4.04 and Mission Control 4.04 ... any help would be greatly appreciated... :)  Thanks ... :)  
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There's some discussion of this in http://developer.netscape.com:80/docs/manuals/deploymt/jsprefs.htm

I've never tried this, but this article appears to point out what you need to do.

Does that help ?


Close... I've got a more updated document than that on the CDs... here's my problem in more detail... I've gotten a little further... I've got the BMP file and the netscape.dat file is set correctly, but after compiling the installer, I'll install (a clean fresh install) and I'll get a Windows error: Illegal operation: Netscape caused a divide error in module netscape.exe ... I'm guessing that the frame setting is wrong or something... I don't know what to do... it's a 22 frame BMP (704x32)large and (352x16)small... I'm lost ... what am I doing wrong?

Michel PlungjanIT Expert
Top Expert 2009

Are you patching Netscape?
Like  Replacing bitmaps 379-392 with 14 16-color
30x30-pixel bitmaps, and bitmaps 399-412 with 14 16-color 60x60-pixel bitmaps?

I would get a throbber at somewhere like

Then  open the PREFS.JS file in a text editor (Windows Notepad will do nicely).

Add the following lines to the end of the file:

config("toolbar.logo.win_small_file", "30m.bmp");
config("toolbar.logo.win_large_file", "48m.bmp");
config("toolbar.logo.frames", #)
config("toolbar.logo.url", http://www.myserver.com/homepages/");

Make sure that you replace the "#" symbol in the third line with the correct number of frames

You can also replace the web address in the last line with one of your choosing--this is where your browser will go when you click on the throbber.

Save the modified PREFS.JS file.  

Copy the two bitmap files (30m.bmp and 48m.bmp, which come with each throbber from this site) into your "Netscape\Communicator\Program" directory.

In Windows Explorer, right-click on the PREFS.JS file and choose "Properties".  Next to "Attributes:" check the "Read-only" checkbox.  Click the "OK" button.  Be sure not to forget this step, because if you do, Netscape will rewrite the PREFS.JS file, and all of your hard work will be for nought.

Now close any Netscape windows that are still open.  Next time you start Netscape, your heart will be warmed by the sight of your sparkling new throbber!



mplungjan, please post your comment as an answer.. .it's what I was looking for :)

IT Expert
Top Expert 2009
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GREAT!!! Thanks... that led me to the information I needed... I was putting "22" instead of 22 ... no qutoes needed... thanks so much!!! :)

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