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Windows protection error after installing zip drive

Posted on 1998-08-14
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-26
I recently installed a Iomega Zip Plus drive that's connected to the external lpt1 printer port. The software used was Iomega latest drivers. With the drive installed and going though a complete powerdown shutdown of the system, I find that at startup I get a windows protection error message which asks me to restart the computer. Once restarted, I have the option of booting into normal or safe mode. Selecting the normal mode option, the machine startup O.K. I have checked the BIOS and have the LPT1 port at EPP 1.7
The SCSI ID of the Zip drive is set at 5.

Inaddition, I have a HP Scanner with its own HP SCSI card. the scanner's ID is at 3. Both of these devices are terminated.

I have spent many hours with Iomega, trying to track down the Windows protection error that I receive after each cold startup. However, I have had no solution / answer from them.

I've gone so far that I even reformatted my hard disk and did a clean install of win98. After installing Win 98 and and the Zip drive software (no scanner yet), I received the same error message.

My machine has a ABIT AN6 motherboard, 64 meg of memory, melinium II PCI video card.

I have been dealing with this problem since the middle of June when WIN 98 just came out.

I've done searches on the net looking for an answer, however I had no luck in finding an answer.

Can someone please give me some possible solutions to this problem


Question by:rnn
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Accepted Solution

plastic_74 earned 600 total points
ID: 1122882
You can use one SCSI card and loop the two peripherals (ZIP drive and Scanner) together in one SCSI card. OK let me get this straighten up a little bit here OK....

Connect one cable from the SCSI card to the ZIP/Scanner, let us use the ZIP drive as the first connection then remember don't terminate the ZIP drive yet, and then use another SCSI cable connect it from your ZIP drive extra port(where you normally terminate the drive) and to the Scanner port. Remember to terminate the Scanner using the provided terminator.

Then re-install your SCSI driver back, if the driver won't work then remove the old driver... and let Windows to auto-detect your hardware.

Good luck :-)

Author Comment

ID: 1122883
First of all, thank you for responding so quickley!!!

I thought of doing what you suggested, however, the Iomega Zip drive is an external unit that's connected to the parallel printer port. I have no way of chain the scanner to the Zip drive. The Zip drive has no SCSI card attached to it. It's only connection is the parallel port that's on the computer. Even without the scanner installed, and just win 98 installed and only having Iomega's software installed, I do get the same problem. Even if I change the printer ports Bios setting from EPP 1.7 to a standard printer port, the windows protection error at a cold startup still occurs.  

As a suggestion, is there a way that I could check my printer port through some testing software?? I thinking of using debug, but win 98 does not seem to have it as a DOS program.

Personally, I have been involved with PC's since my original IBMPC that came with a single floppy 5.25" drive. This is the first hardware / software combination problem that I have not been able to solve. It's frustrating to say the least.

Please let me know if you have anymore ideas.

Thank you for your help.


Expert Comment

ID: 1122884
Your Zip drive is either a parallel or a SCSI.It cannot be both.There are NO ID settings on
a parallel Zip drive.If you have ID settings on your Zip it's a SCSI drive and should work in conjunction with the scanner as long as they are both connected to one host adapter.
Parallel Zip's have a DB25 external to connect to a printer using a pass through in the
Zip drive.

Author Comment

ID: 1122885
Hi Timmi;

Iomega's Zip Plus is a dual purpose drive that they introduced at the begenning of this year. It can connect to the parallel port or either to a scsi port. In its hardware setup, its default hardware setup is at ID 5 with an option to go to ID 6. When you go through the system devices, you see it listed as a scsi device.

I have some good news here. after spending alot of time trying to debug my problem, I believe that I found my answer. It really was very simple. In the Award BIOS setup, I changed my printer port setting to "standard" type versus EPP 1.7 . It now works and the system boots up with no windows protection error. What is amazing is that I have spent about 4 hours in the last month with Iomega and no one suggested that I change my BIOS port setting. Granted, in their behalf everyone there tried to be very helpfull and they all were very curtious to me.

I want to thank you again for your help. Sometimes there is a simple solution to this computer stuff.

Thanks \again.


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