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i need tetrinet hack/cheat/etc

jchen15 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
sOME ONE please provide me with cheats to tetrinet! except the one which give me unlimited blocks i have that one. thanks
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There are NO cheats for tetrinet.  That's life.  There is no way around it :-(
You could always get the "trainer" but I suspect you already know about that.

jchen, what's your nick on irc? Let me banned you from #tetrinet and #tnet channel.

Learn how to play, lamer! If everyone cheat, then the game will not fun anymore. Everyone will kick each other, swear each other, and crash the server.
LOL, the ONLY reason I am even here are for the points..ok I know the cheats and will give..thats right shark there ARE cheats. as soon as the question is unlocked I will answer it..but you have to give me an A:)


need the cheat to control server and\or hack it in any way. i dont need trainer for unlimited blocks...have that.
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i know how to but u have to raise it to 1000 points
I came here cause I wanna know how to cheat tetrinet, except the one which give me unlimited blocks i have that one, too!!
But only that I can see it's a message. I lost my points (20), and I don't know the answer!!
Report it to customer service and you can get your points back.


how do i delete the question.
It is too late to delete the question, it has already been moved to the previously asked questions list (e.g. you have accepted the answer).  Why do you want it deleted?  Because the solution wasn't that great?

I need ANY tetrinet cheat... if anyone has them PLEASE send me them at astroll@netonecom.net PLEASE!!
Then post a question in the area for experts to answer.
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