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I need a online timer algorithm that calculates the time zone i am in and works out a cost for that second, it is for a program that claculates the online time spent on the internet and gives a real time cost per second, it is for a school project i have to give in soon, pleeeeasssseeee help. It should give the duration and the total cost for that time worked out by the second. Please mail me
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ZifNabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
dappleAuthor Commented:
Zifnab you misunderstood This does not answer my question
i mean i want to work out the amount of time i have spent onlne
and a cost per second in real time for that duration. I need to know which time zone i am in i.e 08:00 - 18:00 peak rate or
18:00 - 8:00 evening rate, this should be calculated every sec
then charge an amount for that second. So it will give a start time for the call a duration and a cost every second.

Ok, then what do you already know.

Do you have some strategy? What values are user put-ins? Are the time-zones entered by the user? What do you need to know, without  input from the user.

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dappleAuthor Commented:
The user inputs the peak start time and finish time e.g.
08:00 - 18:00 also the cost per min for each period peak, evening, weekend e.g 3 pence/min. The app then gives the start time when the DUN starts a duration since the start and the current cost using the value the user entered. I want to know the algorithm for working this cost out.
I tried increment a variable every sec to represent the number of seconds in each time zone e.g.
18:00 - 23:59 inc(daysec) then use the number of secs to work the cost but this was not accurate i need to use the start time and endtime to work it. How would you go about it?
? dapple, I think I still don't fully understand your problem.
Why not using the Time function which returns the current time?

1. When DUN starts, put the current time in a variable, look in which time-period you are
2. Then get your new time (every second in your case), look in which time-period you are for this new time.
 - in the same  : (TimeNew-TimeStart) in minutes * money = ...
 - in different : First calculate the previous cost
                  + New cost, because new time-period.



Am I missing something?
dappleAuthor Commented:
ok no problem i will try and work it thanks for your time
dapple, you didn't have to accept my answer already, first try it out!! Zif. Let me know when you've some problems.
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