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I need a online timer algorithm that calculates the time zone i am in and works out a cost for that second, it is for a program that claculates the online time spent on the internet and gives a real time cost per second, it is for a school project i have to give in soon, pleeeeasssseeee help. It should give the duration and the total cost for that time worked out by the second. Please mail me
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ZifNabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi dapple,

here is a sample source code from F.Piette's page :

It get's the internet time and transforms it to local time. think  it's just what you need :

any clues already?
dappleAuthor Commented:
could you tell me quickly how do i hide a form on startup. When i
try to hide the form in the from create event it does not work and if i try to hide on the form activate command i get a error message, i know this is anouther question but could you answer quickly. thanks.
No problem. you can do two ways :

 1. With RxLib : put TAppEvents on form and set showmainform to false.
 2. Do it yourself with some code :

 (see last paragraph)

Regards, Zif.
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