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f5lion asked
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Last Modified: 2011-09-20
I've got an ftp page. How is ti different from http?
The page's link is: ftp://ftp.netvision.net.il/home/n/noamwolf. then you look fot the INDEX.html file + enter. Why doesn't one fo the images show?

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I have a lot of questions, unanswered by other sites I tried. I hope you will. I have also tried newsgroups, but I found this methdo to be a lto faster.


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The FTP protocol is different from the HTTP protocol.  FTP stands for File-Transfer-Protocol, while HTTP stands for HyperText-Transfer-Protocol.

HTTP is meant for things like graphics, sounds, etc... the fancy things.  It's meant to allow you to make your site look nice and pretty, like this one, and most other ones on the 'net.

FTP is meant only for file transfering.  There are no graphics involved, only text.  Most FTP servers are pretty basic, i.e. they show a list of files and directories with maybe some file sizes.
In your case, a picture isn't showing because it doesn't exist.  Or the name of it was mis-spelled.  Make sure you include the full URL to the picture you want to display.  Also make sure that the case is correct.  Paths are case sensitive, i.e. http://www.test.com is not the same as http://www.Test.com.
Here's the exact problem:

In your index.html file you have the picture referenced as:  fstlogo.JPG

It should be:

That ought to solve your problem.
If you have a
If you have any questions about anything else, please ask.

Thank you.
Anyway, okay...

Do you know much about HTML?  Or do you use this helper program for everything?
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