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I was woundering if anybody can help me.
I've compiled my RMI server. And I generated the Stub and Skel. And I ran the rmiregistry.
But when I run my program this error occurs:
java.rmi.UnexpectedException: Unexpected exception; nested exception is:
        java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: StatsServer_Stub
The StatsServer_Stub.class is in the same directory as my server class.

What didn't I do right?

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As a final note, let's hope that it has fixed your problem:

In your class path statement, make sure you add
    a. the path where you're working in, namely, the path where your project classes
       are stored.
    b. the    .    directory. This ensures that java will go to the current directory to
       look for the compiled classes
    c. The directory, this should be where your jdk is located at.

You probably checked these, but let's run through it again.

1. Is your class path set correctly to include the directory you're working in?
2. Is your class defined with the correct upper and lower case letters?
3. Did you call the class with the correct upper and lower case letters?
4. Is the file's permission set correctly? Meaning is it readable.

Just some ideas.
BabyFaceAuthor Commented:
I check 2 and 3. And I'm pretty sure 1 is right.
But I'm not sure about 4?
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BabyFaceAuthor Commented:
I don't know what you mean by 4.

You can check 1 by typing "set" at the prompt. Then look to see if you have
a classpath defined and the classpath include your working directory.

4 is for unix systems. There are permission flags on each file that's set.
If the file is not set to be readable, then you won't be able to access the
class files. If you're not running an unix box, don't worry about it.
BabyFaceAuthor Commented:
Just to make sure I set my CLASSPATH to the correct directory.
I deleted the Stub and Skel class files. Set the CLASSPATH and recompiled them.
Then I ran the rmiregistry. And ran my Server.
Same error.
Oh ya, I use Win'95
hi BabyFace

Is it possible to see your classpath statement?

BabyFaceAuthor Commented:
set CLASSPATH=F:\javatemp
Hmm.. curious. You don't include the files in your jdk bin directory in your class
files? I wonder how they found the java.awt, etc. files without you specifying the
JDK bin directory.  Are you running any other compilers? Like symantec or
a JRE plugin from sun?
  Two questions:
    Is your StatsServer inside a package?
    Is your rmiresgistry with the same classpath?
BabyFaceAuthor Commented:
To sailwind:
In my autoexec, I set path to equal C:\jdk1.1.6\bin and thats why I could access the programs in the bin.
I use VJ++, I think they put inside my C:\windows\java directory, and that's why I could access java.awt.* and the rest of the packages.
To jdso:
StatsServer is not inside a package. But it is in it's own directory.
And no rmiregistry is not in the same classpath. It is place inside c:\jdk1.1.6\bin.
I excute it from the dos prompt.
Sorry, what I meant was if you launched rmiregistry from a dos shell with the same classpath as the one you're trying to run your program from. But, from what you said, you do something like "start rmiregistry" at the dos shell. Right? That shouldn't be a problem.

Oh yeah, make sure you include your current working path to the
classpath or else Java won't know where to look for the classes.
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