Gamepad disconnects

When adding my microsoft gamepad it connects fine and checks o.k..But after exiting game control it always disconnects.How can I keep this from happening?
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fschulzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess, you have one of the Microsoft Sidewinder joypads; at first you should unload the Gameprofiler automatically installed by the driver software, if this doesn't work you should press the "Mode" button several times , then it should work again .
I have experienced this problem as well and I found the solution after several hopeless trys working with another gameport or other soundcard.
Do you have more than 8 megs memory?
Do you have more than 8 megs memory?
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I am not familiar with the gamepad itself, as I don't use joysticks much.  I suppose this is kind of a dumb question, but just to clarify: How does your gamepad "disconnect"?  Does it physically disconnect from the end of your computer?

what kind of computer do you have mhz?
I presume that you've installed the gamepad from the control panel?
What do you mean it disconnects? It doesn't work anymore?
Give us a little details...
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