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recovering the drvspace.000 file

zlavin asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
my hard disk cannot start windows as some of the files relating to the compression were accidently erased.
Is there a way to recovery certain files from the drvspace.000 file as I can scan the driestories in there but not access any of them?

Thanks for the help
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Mmm.  It doesnt sound too good.  The first thing I would do is check in the root directory of drive C: (C:\) and type

DIR *.000 /A

This will show files with any attribute and an extension of 000.
(nb, if you are running Windows 3.1 with DOS, you can type ATTRIB *.000 which will list files with that extension).

This will just tell us if the file is there or not.

If the file is not there, you need to use an undelete program such as Norton Unerase or PCTools Undelete.  These will show up files which have recently been deleted.

YOU MUST NOT COPY ANYTHING ONTO THE HARD DRIVE IN THE MEAN TIME.  If you do, you run the chance of over writing what was previously on the disk.

I would say that the chance of recovery is very slim.  I have been lucky before and undeleted a Double Space CVF before, but it doesnt happen often.

Good luck anyway!


Try to use the realmode drvspace drivers put in your config.sys file the following.

device=c:\windows\drvspace.drv /move  

Substitute the location of the file for where it is installed on your drive.  Or boot off win95 boot disk with this file on the a: drive with drvspace.drv

This should allow you to access the drive.
Before you take wayneb's advice please check drvspace.bin is in your root directory of the uncompressed drive.  Then check whether drvspace.ini is also there or not.

wayneb: your device= line only moves the drvspace driver to upper memory if available.  It doesn't actually load the driver.  Drvspace.bin is supposed to be autoloaded if present in root directory, but if it is absent loading drvspace.drv wouldn't help at all!

Do you know what files were acidently erased? Can you replace them?
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This is win95 correct? Do you expect that the drivespace.000 file is corrupt and that is why it will not start. What was deleted? have you tried scandisk drvspace.000 to see if this would mount the drive then you should be able to view the contents. What error message are you receiving? Does it work in safe mode? Have you reinstalled right on top of itself?

Good luck
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