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Automated printer installation

molletor asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
How do I make an installation of a printer automatic, using .inf files ?
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The only way to install with inf file the most automatic way is using -start -settings -printers -add printer  and then have disk


Sorry, pcservice - I need a full automatic procedure to install printers, not a "hands on" rutine.

I know what keys to add in the registry, but I worry about the PrinterID under PrinterDriverData and I also need to install driver files, which I know can be done with an .inf file


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will this be done from the network server?

I would do the same thing, so I have compared registry before and after installation. Impossible! there will be stored binary structures and numbering.
Your only chance is to find a program which enters the command chain for you (like macrorecorder for win31, but more reliable).
doesn't win95 automatically install the new printer when you turn it on? it should



As far as I know it is only newer Windows printers attatched to a local port which are automatically installed when you turn them on. In my case I need to install a network printer. The automatic installation is for distributing to other users (on a file).



The automatic installation is ment to be executed the first time the computer starts up (Win95 allready installed) as I add the execute command to the "RunOnce" key. Wether or not the installation is made from a network server shouldn't matter.

I know that a full automatic installation of printers is possible when installing Win95 - using .inf files. Should it be possible to do this after having installed Win95 ?



Correction ! the last sentense in my comment should read

"Should it not be possible to do this after having installed Win95 ? - I think it should"



thanks for your comment. I believe though that there is another way besides using a macrorecorder. See as well my comment to rynait

if your installing a network printer on NT you can tell NT the location of the drivers to associate to that printer.  then when the user double clicks on the printer in network neighborhood the installation runs without prompting the user for any files... not what your looking for but as close as i can come to it.
You need to study the Win95 resources kit.
You can save the MSBATCH.INF file found in the Windows directory and edit it to include your specific INF file.  You will also need to study the parameters which can be used with the setup.exe file, this is important if you are installing devices which may conflict with others.



if you read my comment to rynait you will notice that I'm not looking for a method to install printers when installing Windows95. And as far as I can see the Resource Kit only covers script files for use with first time installation. So your answer didn't help me.

You say, you need to install drivers for networked printers. Which kind of network do you use`?

Okay, we ourselves have had some problems at our college with
students and other that take it upon themselves to delete printer objects in
Windows 95.

My answer?
Well its got a pretty big price, This will only work running a Novell 4.1x server,
plus the latest Win95 client for Novell (2.5) but if your willing...
Buy a copy of Z.E.N Works for the Novell Server
It makes EVERYTHING a breeze, add applications with the click of a button,
Printers WILL NEVER be deleted, and you may happily add them at any
time you wish, doing this from your PC you are able to distribute just about
ANYTHING!. Loads of other things you can do too!

This is NOT an add, i'm just a happy customer! :)

If this is the direction you are willing to go, pls email me anytime about it
Or just goto www.novell.com , im sure they have all of it there too!


...that's why I asked for the type of network. Z.E.N.works is one of the most amazing things I saw for desktop management.



napp & ccheek

I've heard about Z.E.N. works but I still like to know if it is possible to solve my problem on a stand alone PC.

Of course you can, but Z.E.N Works for use with workstations,
it wont solve the problem on a stand-alone PC, such as you describe.

You would only solve your problem from here on in, by either designing
some software for yourself, or buying software that does what you want
(although its unknowen to me weather some software that does what you
would like on a stand-alone basis even exists)

The following assumes the PC is yours...
The thing is, i'm not sure for what purpose you need such a util,
sure it would save time, but a pretty small ammount at that!!
(Clicking time, save writing the letters 'A:\' and then <enter> for the drivers)

What happens to your PC that requires you to need this util??

You wake up (taken over by some spirit) and turn on your PC at the
stroke of 12 and delete your printer driver every night ????????

Sorry buddy, but if you would, please let on more info on this subject,
I would be very interested to know!




I'm sorry for my late reply.

To simplify my problem let's say that you have to install the same printer driver on 50 stand-alone computers and in 50 different locations. Though it only takes about 10 minutes (including starting up the computer) it might take up to 1 hour on each computer when adding transport time. (instructions on paper always gives non experienced computer users problems). Instead of using a week to complete the work it would be easier to make an install disk that could do the job. Knowing how to make such a disk the job would be done within 5 hours.

I know it is possible to start the printer wizard at a command prompt, but is it possible to add parameters too?

Do you need more information ?

Hmmm cirtainly a problematic situation your in, I still see you fixing this problem only
by the use of some 3rd party software.

Sorry i couldn't help,

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