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Mother Board TX Pro model M575 with K6 300

gaona asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
I bought a Mother Board recently TX Pro model M575, and, a processor AMD K6 300 MHz. When I installed the processor in this plate, I didn't obtain any sign of operation of the Mother Board and of the processor. I wanted that somebody sent me the configuration of the jumpers for the processor, that has the following characteristics:  
- Color Voltage = 2.2 V  
- I/O Voltage = 3.45 V  
- Frequency = 66 MHz  
- Multiplier = 4.5X  
Thankful Celso Gaona  
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Do you have the manual for the system board?

Do you have the manual for the system board?

Try the web page of the manufacturer (I don't know who is it) But I prefer for you to sell your Motherboard and buy another - for Socket7 the best at the moment is Tyan AT100 and as second solution Shuttle 569 or 569a. Don't buy such boards with integrated video and/or audio. This include VXPro, HXPro, TXPro, BXPro. I am happy that you to choice the K6 300 as your next CPU. Think of buying K6-2.
best wishes, bye!

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TX-PRO is a manufacturer or chipsets used on motherboards. Is this your motherboard:


Jumper settings are available from the link on that page.
Let me know if you need more help.


Dear Second,  
The mother board to which I referred in my question, was already bought, coming besides with the manual.  
Even so, all the examples data in the manual, refer to the processor Pentium MMX 233 MHz.  
The problem is that the maximum multiplier of this plate is 3.5x and not 4.5x. Besides, I don't know as configuring the voltage I/O for 3.45 V. (the manual doesn't give any explanation of as to configure this voltage).  
Thank you Gaona


Dear RMarotta
TX Pro, is the chipset used in the motherboard.

Regards Gaona

Paste the URL below into your web browser to download the Acrobat Reader file which is the manual for your motherboard.  Refer especially to pages 13-14 for jumper configurations.
It says:
JP3 jumpers A and B should be set on 1 and 2 each, selects K6
JP6 on the board should have no jumpers to select 2.2V core voltage
JP7 should have only B jumpered, A should be clear.
JP5 is the only wildcard here . . . you seem to indicate that the internal clock speed is 4.5, but I don't see an entry for that in the documentation.  My guess is that it's 3.5 and that JP5 should be set with A and B both jumpered on 1 and 2.  If that doesn't work, the only other AMD setting is to have A on 1 and 2, and B on 2 and 3.


Dear tedoff

Sorry, bat yor jumpers configuration does not work.


Did you check the site I gave you above?

Did you try both settings for JP5?  Did you download the manual?  What exactly happens when you power up the system board?  I have exactly the same system board, and these settings are correct for what you specified above, except I don't understand what "Multiplier = 4.5" means.  Where did you get the CPU specifications from?

It looks like your motherboard will not support a 300 mhz chip and only upto a 233.  You need to have a clock of 66mhz x 4.5 to obtain 300mhz if your board does not have 4.5 clock then you can not use a 300 chip. I do not believe you can use this processor with this board.  

>  I do not believe you can use this processor with this board.

Well, the "no-additional-cost" solution is to "under-clock"
(as opposed to "over-clock") the processor,
i.e., run the 300Mhz processor at 233Mhz.
You'll only use 77% of the potential speed,
but you may not even notice the "slow-down".

You can try to use the K6 300 MHz with 3.3 or 3.5 I/O voltage (2.2 or 2.1 core is required too as you know). The 3.5x multiplier is actually 1.5 (see that the jumper settings are equal) - the 233MHz CPUs (e.g. AMD K6, Pentium MMX, MII) use internal 3.5x multipliers. So if you select 3.5x it is possible that the K6/300 recognise it as 1.5x and run at 100MHz. Better use 3x75 or 3x83 settings if there are avalibale. The TXPro is not a chipset. That is only a renamed VIA VPX (or may be VP3, I am not sure - if you have AGP it is VP3, if not it is VPX). So: Use 3.3 or 3.5 I/O voltage. 1) Try the 3.5x66 setting and see if the K6/300 run at 233 or 100. 2) Try to use 75/83/max bus speed that give your
motherboard  (give info about the buses/ratios/voltages)
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