"Daemonizing" a Java program

Is it possible to detach a Java program from its terminal, eg the MSDOS prompt for Win95, or the xterm for Lynix??? I have been banging my head against the wall for quite a while on this. Some process similar to giving a thread daemon status on Unix-based machines. Instantiating a new class inside a thread with setDaemon(true) and then exiting does not work! Any other ideas/options.

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Use javaw instead of java to run the program.

say you have a test daemon Test.class

run it using

javaw Test

If you want a daemon to start when the user logs in

in nt, you put command javaw classname in the startup panel.
in unix, add this in initialization file.

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you can close the input and output streams,



This detaches java program from terminal.

jdyerAuthor Commented:
Thx so much, I had never noticed that or used that program in 1-1/2 years of Java programming. Time to look over the docs again I guess.

Thanx for waking me up!
 - jdyer

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