Linux command line Image Converter

I'm building a Web where ppl can send pictures, so I need a Linux command line Image converter so I when some1 upload a picture a CGI convert it to it's apropiate size and format. Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

-Sorry about my English, but it's my 4th language.

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erwin1Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Appended is an excerpt from the Image Compression FAQ. It is a library though and you will probably have to do some programming before it does everything you need.

Does this help?

 - Erwin


Free, portable C code for JPEG compression is available from the Independent
JPEG Group.  Source code, documentation, and test files are included.
Version 5b is available from
If you are on a PC you may prefer ZIP archive format, which you can find at (or at any Simtel mirror
site).  On CompuServe, see the GRAPHSUPPORT forum (GO GRAPHSUP), library 12,

The IJG code includes a reusable JPEG compression/decompression library,
plus sample applications "cjpeg" and "djpeg", which perform conversion
between JPEG JFIF format and image files in PPM/PGM (PBMPLUS), GIF, BMP,
Utah RLE, and Targa formats.  Two small applications "wrjpgcom" and
"rdjpgcom" insert and extract textual comments in JFIF files.
The package is highly portable; it has been used successfully on many
machines ranging from Apple IIs to Crays.

The IJG code is free for both noncommercial and commercial use; only an
acknowledgement in your documentation is required to use it in a product.
(See the README file in the distribution for details.)
Try this page for a tonne of utilities including Unix/Linux variants

Excellent English - better than mine <g> - and it's my 1st language :-)
Here's another site with loads of Linux graphic utilties



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Which formats do you want to convert? And which formats should be the result?
xabiAuthor Commented:
Input file: gif & jpg
Output  : jpg and diferent size. (maybe up to 64x64)

This is cause ppl can upload images and I want to show this pics in fixed tables.

Just looked further: ImageMagick does what you want (without programming efforts) Look at , this is what you need.

 - Erwin
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