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showme asked
Last Modified: 2010-08-05
I have a comma delimited text file with double quotation marks surrounding text.  Within each line is a field for dates but they are designated as text(,"01/01/1998",).  Ultimately I need to import these into Access but prior to this I modify the files using a VB program which reads, modifies, and outputs the data.  During this modification process, I have been using CDate() to convert the text date (,"01/01/1998",)into a date data type (,#1998-01-01#,) but when importing into Access, I get an error.  Is there another function or statement I should use to convert the text date into a date data type that Access will recognize?

Thanks in advance, showme

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When you use CDate()in vb are you using it like this?

Dim dl As String
 dl = "01/01/1998"

MsgBox (CDate(dl))  This will give you 1/1/98 as a date.  I don't see the problem.  If I am missing something let me know.


I find that for these problems using the 01-JAN-1998 format gives the programs least chance to forget which country they are in.

I am going to research this. In the meantime you should re-open this to other experts

I still am confused.  I pasted this #1998-01-01# into a querygrid, it still gives me 1/1/98 as a date.  when you import is your table set up as a date field?


Thank you for looking into this, I appreciate it.  By the way, try creating a text file an simply put #1998/01/01# (the result of using Cdate()on the text date)in it.  Next try importing it into Access specifying that the above date is a date/time data type.  This should produce the error that I am encountering.  Granted, this whole problem may disappear if I were to directly put the data into an Access table instead of outputting a modified text file and then importing into Access, but since I have the problem I may as well try to figure it out.

Thanks again, showme
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Thanks again for the help.  It seems rather odd that Access is unable to read date literals from a text file but them's the breaks I guess.

Regards, showme
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