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Whats the best Graphics workstation to buy?

saled asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
I have approx. $5K to spend on a graphic pc... I am looking at DELL's Precision Workstation 410 and Compaq's Professional Workstation 6000.  I'll be running photoshop, illustrator, msdn's Developer studio liquid motion, premier web apps and graphic apps.  I'd like to hear the pro's cons of these systems and any recommendations that fits into my price range.... thanks.. saled
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Dell has (in my opinion) THE BEST support anywhere.. they pretty much replace anything with no questions asked... On the other hand, Compaq doesn't... I have never ben able to do anything with them in my 6 years of computing...

I use Dell because it's good value and if you want any special features they'll build to order

Additionally (in the past) I have had a tonne of problems with Compaq video drivers and limitations with them when using large bitmaps.  If I wanted a PC mainly for graphics, then Compaq would be my last choice, that's not enough hours in the day even without this kind of hassle.

I'd recommend a Micron workstation. Our company has been very hapy with our Microns -- solid machines, good tech support and excellent replacement parts policy (rarely needed!)

For a graphics workstation, you need raw processor speed and lots of RAM. For many reasons, seriously consider getting SCSI hard drives instead of ATA. These days, a ZIP drive is a must.

Build to order online at:


You want the best SILLICON GRAPHICS is the best, the ONYX family, of the SG, are one of the bests. (But remeber we are talking about graphics).

The best workstation overall, is the one you assemble by you're self, 'cause, you obtain the memory you need, th speed you want etc.  So, pick your choice.

Check out the SG workstations at www.sgi.com
Maybe the best, but probably stretching this guys budget.

From their press release
Onyx2 Reality is the entry-level configuration of the Silicon Graphics® Onyx2TM product family, the most powerful visualization platform available in the industry. Combining the performance of a visualization subsystem with the compute power of the Onyx2 platform, Onyx2 Reality is the only solution available that can simultaneously process 3D graphics, imaging and video data in real time for under $75,000. In addition, the Onyx2 Reality system is based on the modular design of the ccNUMA architecture, enabling customers to integrate additional processor, main memory and internal disk storage. This technology, coupled with the price decrease, brings visual supercomputing to the individual user.

That aside, will it run the PC s/w he mentions ?
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I agree that Silicon Graphics are the best, and there are are IBM-PC emulators that run on them, and you can get SGI machines for under $5K.
But for that price, you can probably get other machines better at running PC software.


SG is not in my price range... i already have the sw for pc

Check out Digital Video's website. They just did a comparison on exactly what your asking!
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