I have my app to load some BMP's from resources . The problem is that BMP's are really large .. and my EXE is > 3MB . I wonder how could I load JPG and convert it to a HBITMAP or something .. Can anyone help me ?

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snoeglerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks :)
You can, but you have to write some code

Insert file as custom resource into your app, for VC5 do it like this
1. Insert Menu, click Resource...
2. click Import... on the dialog.  
3. Browse the filename and press Import button
4. For resource type type a string e.g. "JPEG" (without the quotes)
If you do this write you get a custom resource called something like IDR_JPEG1 which when you open it up you get a tonne of hex (hex dump of the file)

Now coding
1. Get an HRSRC resource handle using FindResource or FindResourceHandleEx
2. Call LoadResource using the HRSRC to get an HGLOBAL which is the handle to a block of global memory containg the data.
3. Assuming you got this far, GlobalLock to get a pointer to the data
4. Decompress the JPEG into memory (see below)
5. GlobalUnlock the HGLOBAL
Be sure to put error checking in through out, as most of the opps can go wrong if out of memory of called with bad params

To decompress this JPEG into an HBITMAP you need to write code to do this.  Most code I've seen does this files rather than memory.  
You can either adapt this from scratch, or if starting MFC based code override CFile to work on memory (or use CMemFile and Attach it to the RAM)

One site with JPEG code is (haven't tried this one) (check for BITMAP.ZIP near the bottom of the page)

Otherwise you can get the necessary code from Stingray (Objective Toolkit) or Periphere (Weekly MFC) if you don't want to live with the above's licensing rules

At this internet address: 

you can get the freely distributable freeware 'nviewlib.dll' which contains a really simple
API to load multiple file formats(jpg,gif, ...). Try it, i've been using it in a semi-commercial
(in-house) application, and i got no problems yet (about 3/4 year long)
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WxWAuthor Commented:
I will process both options to see which is best and faster .
WxWAuthor Commented:
I found the dll & lib more effective and useful , please snoegler answer . Answer2000 thanks anyway :)
Well I didn't know about that.  Programming's always better if you can somebody else to write the code for you :-)
WxWAuthor Commented:
Thanks snoegler also .
Answer2000 : I agree that writing your own code is much much much much more effective and you are "proud" of it . But lemme tell you that my first decision to start such a heavy app with plain C++ and API ( not using MFC or most OWL libraries ) , has allready filled 50000 lines of code and I might need more 50000 . I am a little tired , so I prefer not doing things that others have ready for me ....

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