VB/SQL fast as Access/UNIX?

Which would be fastest and able to support the most users, an Access app on UNIX server or a  VB front end app on an SQL server.
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jjmartinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So do those comments do it for you, or are you looking for a little more.
It all depends on the hardware config and the design of the application.
This all depends.  There are a lot of factors involved.  Access runs very fast but only with small databases.  As your database starts to grow, Access is going to slow down, and eventually puke and die.  It is not designed for large databases at all.  SQL server can handle large databases easily and quickly, as well as small.  SQL server is would probably be the best solution as it is designed for the distributed office environment.
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Hey, you can run Access on Unix???? I had never heard of this!  Which platform (HP, Linux, etc.)?
If you are talking about an Access database with forms, whose tables are linked to an ODBC datasource which exists on another (unix) system, then VB could do exactly the same.  See my answer to your question http://www.experts-exchange.com/topics/bin/Q.10071919.
RUSTYAuthor Commented:
Thanks, alokm.  I was looking for a little more (see comments jjmartin et al.)
RUSTYAuthor Commented:
For my 10 points, its just what I was looking for.  
Thank you.
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