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MAIL Problem (ELM and Pine)!!!

elvaaa asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-04

 "Waiting to read mailbox while mail is being received: attempt #2" -- This is the message I get from ELM when I try to read my mail from ELM and Pine does not respond at all. A similar problem happened months ago and somebody told me that some kind of lock file is stored somewhere that prevent you from reading the mail. Where is that file? I can read/write on the file /var/mail/myusermailfile and the "from" command gives right output. What should I do?
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Check   /usr/tmp   /usr/tmp/.pop



So far there is nothing called .pop. I tried to search the entire tree but in the system there are security permissions that will not let you 'ls' directories but you can open/create your own files. It is not that 'ls' is corrupted but there some security measures I have seen during the last months in this system. I can create a file in /var/mail but I can not list contents of this directory for example. I tried to do my ls from a C apps but no luck. 'find' returned the same results. In /tmp or /usr there is no dir/file called .pop ... So what is next ...



 OH!!! Damn it!! Please it is my fault. I probably deleted the inbox/sent_items files of elm. This time Pine worked just fine. What are files ELM uses and where? I believe there is NO lock file.


yes ahoffmann you were right. Good answer. Please claim now your points and thanks.
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