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Control Master Volume From App..

garymace asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
How can I control the system volume from within my app using API? I found sample code for controlling the wav volumes, but I would like to control ALL output. The master volume I guess it could be called...


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Well, I really do not want points for this, but Dr. GUI had an answer a while ago. I think copying the text here would not be legal, but it should be available online... Lemme see... Oops, MS's MSDN site is incompatible with ie3...  Nah, can't find it. It was in MSDN news (the big newsletter coming with a MSDN subscription) March/april 1998 (Vol. 7 Number 2), page 3, bottom of 1st column. You got access to that? The article mentions "There is no simple API", the function names "mixerGetNumDevs", "mixerGetLineInfo", "mixerGetLineControls" and "mixerGetControlDetails", and bugs in win32api.txt...

Have fun!


No, I do not have access to MSDN. Thanks anyway..


Didn't they offer MSDN online free? Might be worth a try. On the other hand, the 'premium' in the URL above might exclude you again... In any case, that article did not offer a complete solution anyway, so you'd search the MSDN library for those keywords I gave. The MSDN library is a must anyway.
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That's the text I meant. Just I do not republish copyrighted information...

I was concerned about to publish copyrighted info but, in this case I did not break any copyright law because:

a) Dr. Guy is a public information
b) I do not publish his text pretending it was mine
c) This place is not a public, in the strict sense, place

d) garymace needs this information to do a better usage of a Microsoft product.

Based on that I don't think that Microsoft will sue me.


Thank you nilos for the post.
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