3.12 Utility for Printing all Rights

I need a 3.12 utility that will print/text file all the users and their rights to everything - Volumes, Subdirs, files Print Queues etc. Any one know?  
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jstegallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The JRB utilities are what I used to  get that information for my
upgrade to 4.10 several years ago,  there is a new version since then.
to go to the home page.
I didn't get the print queues since I was creating new print objects for everyone.
for 3.12 utilities or
for all versions.
jherklotAuthor Commented:
Very good answer! It helped a lot. Thank you very much
Glad to help.  You sure checked it out fast.
jherklotAuthor Commented:
On second look, it seems that I can't quite find EXACTLY what I was looking for, I need something that will print/display all USERS then their rights to all available objects on the server mainly interested in Volumes, Subdirs, PrintQueues. Filterable to a single user or have it do 'em all. Any thoughts?
Are you saying that none of the utilities gave you what you was
looking for?  What did you try? What did you get and what was missing from the closest?
How many objects are you talking about?
I used trstlist.exe from JRB Utilities, you need to read the instructions for each utility.
I don't know your environment, could help more if I did.
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