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Rich Text box  charachters

Ciscokid asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-30
I have a rich text box control in my form and when it prints, or when I read text from it, I have a lot of rtf codes like /par and rtf1/ascii/../.... and so on. It goes on for about a mile. I realize this is due to it being a rtf box, but I know there is some way to eliminate these, I just can't remember. Any ideas?
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The rich text box .TextRTF property returns the text complete with RTF codes.  The .Text property returns it without them.  If this is not what you meant, please clarify.


No, not really. What I mean is - I have a rich text box. I read a normal text file into the rtb and it looks fine on the screen. However, when I do any file/string reads or anything of the sort, incluging printing. It prints the rtf characters also.

For example: Let's say you have a rtb with one word in it - "word". If you read the line in and do say a debug.print rtbText1 or print it, it will give you /rtf1/par/}fjdaskfl;djfkdfjkajdkfl;dskfjdskl;/arp / rgj / par/ "word". Or something like that. Basically, all the header info and Paragraph control characters of the rt box.

So instead try "debug.print rtbtext1.Text" because otherwise it appears to be assuming debug.print rtbtext1.TextRTF


It doesn't matter which one you do. Debug.print doesn't really matter. Let's say you just print the file, or read the characters, it reads the rtext characters.
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You have to load an rtf file with open and then use the textRTF property.
The method you refer to is LoadFile (Not Open).  You Don't HAVE to use it.  You CAN. You also can just open the file via some other means and assign the contents to the TextRTF property.
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