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How do I create a stored procedure to copy the contents
of one table (with a where statement on a field) to another
table that already exist and MAY have data in it already that we can't kill?
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gmoriakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's all scenarios I can think of

/* insert all rows no matter what */
Insert A (pkCol, col2, col3)
(select B.pkCol, B.col2, B.col3
 from B)

/* insert on rows in B not existing in A */
Insert A (pkCol, col2, col3)
(select B.pkCol, B.col2, B.col3
 from B
 where not exists (select A2.pkCol from A2 where A2.pkCol = B.pkCol)

Do the tables have the same format?
Something like that:

  SELECT c1,c2,c3 FROM tab2 -- select only those columns that will match the columns of the first table
   WHERE c1 = 'NY' -- any condition

If that's notwhat you meant, please rephrase your question
(as someone noticed, a well asked question already contains 1/2 of answer :)

ohaydenAuthor Commented:
I already solved the problem but your answer was exactly how I did it, so even though I did use your answer the points are yours..... thanks.
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