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MX86251 + VooDoo rush 3DFX 6MB HELP!

dima_sherman asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
Hello, i bought MX86251 + VooDoo rush 3DFX 6MB card, and i have some problems with the 3DFX, when i try to play games,
i.e: Quake 2, it's stucks my computer after some moments of playing, it doesn't stuck it if i play in non-fullscreen.
I tried other games like: Panda2 and it happens 1-2 minuts after i play the game - it stuck my computer and i need to reset. SOME1 Told me i need other glide something or other driver from the company, i tried to download the best driver from the company site and it doesn't help, some1 told me i need glide but better version, what is a glide? how i install it? maybe the card is bad?
Help me please and gain 100pts.
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Are you running certified directx drivers? I would try to goto download the newest directx drivers directx 6 came out a few days ago and should have all certified drivers and components.
It is a 3.4 meg download that may be worth a shot you can find it at


and look for downloads.
This may or not solve your problem, but may be worth a shot to insure that all games have the lastest directx files.  I have see this happen on other systems and games, with drivers that are not compatible with directx.


I will try to download, stand by . . . Thanks.


Adjusted points to 120


This - D I D  N O T - helped me it made it worst, now it stuck on play, i mean when i start play it stucks!!!
The DirectX 6 didn't help, i tried to dowload drivers from my card company but nothing helped!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!

If it made things worse you can uninstall it and have it back the way it was, I do think that because it made things worst that it is a driver issue and not hardware.  In the program files folder you will find a folder called directx then setup and in this folder you will find 3 files used for troubleshooting, one is dxdiag.exe run this util and allow it run the tests to see what happens, report back the results here.


Ok, here are the errors:
* Several files (es1688.drv, esfm.drv, essfm.drv, etc.) are uncertified, which means that they have not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs.
- ESS is my sound card i don't think that this is the problem 'cos it works ok in regular games (non-3dfx).

* The file M25195.drv is uncertified, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs.
To test DirectDraw functionality, click the Test button next to DirectDraw.
To test Direct3D functionality, click the Test button next to Direct3D.
- Here we see the VIDEO CARD problem i think this is one of the pproblems but i dunno if this is problem on directx 5 'cos my company has support on directx 5.

* The file ES1868.VXD is uncertified, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs.
To test DirectSound functionality, click the Test button above.
-another sound problem.

Some how the M25195.drv must be your video card, it is not good to be running unsupported sound card and uncertified video this can be your whole problem, although I do not know how you can resolve these problems, the 1868 ess does not have a supported directx driver I know this but the core video card drivers should be certified, you may want to contact the maker of the video card via email or phone and see if they offer you any in site into the problems you are having, maybe they have certifed drivers for your card available, what if you turn off the sound in the games, will it work then?  Try a lesser resolution and see what happens. I am throwing everything I can of at you to solve this problem.  You can wait and see if another expert comments on your problems.



ThanKS AGAIN, but i have MX86251 + VooDoo rush 3DFX 6MB HELP!"
I am sure i have MX86251  not M25195 !! Trust me!
As i said the card and the sound work properly when i run it regular that means not with 3dfx but regulat resoulution, i can change resoulution in quake 2 to half screen then it works OK, but in fullscreen it stucks! i will add comment after sound check.

Do you have any conflicts listed in Device Manager?


No. no my Device Manger is clean i think the sound card is ok and the sound isn't the problem. My video card works properly on regular modes but when i switch to 3dfx it's stucks! As i said i have clone that means regular + vodoo rush on same card.
And it stucks on pademonim 2 and quake 2 they are the games that i've checked.

Try Display Doctor.  You can download a trial version at:


Display Doctor will give you the latest and most comprehensive range of features your hardware will support.


Ok, i will download it, but what i want is that my computer will work with these games. Yesterday i runned glide tests to my voodoo rush and it failed in some tests . . . .


This program check regular video cards i have problem that litle more harder about 3DFX only glide test it and it failed on glide tests what now?

here are the steps i would do in your postion -
1. first reinstall directX but not 6 , install DirectX 5.0
    [Redistributable files should also be installed]
2. get VoodooRush Relase 3.00 from - http://www.3dfx.com/software/OEMRushS.exe
    [it contains - Run-time drivers for Voodoo Graphics including: Glide 2.46, Glide 3,
                       Direct3D, and DirectX.                                                                  ]
3. Extract the files to your hard drive. See the README.TXT file for information on
    installing the driver.
4. configure the driver to fit your needs at the autoexec.bat [read more about it in readme]

[*Note* - I have been told that ther are problams using 3Dfx VoodooRush with games                    such as quake2 at resolutions 800x600 and 1024x768  native release         ]        

use the drivers supplied by the manufacture only

use the drivers supplied by the manufacture only



don't use dx
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