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Download in Netscape (etc) - V. Easy ?

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Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2009-07-29
I put a DLL on our web server (http) in the download directory for one of our users to download.

I gave the user the URL to download the file, and tested myself in IE-4 and it works.

The user can't download the file (I presume he's using Netscape but he didn't say - he could be using IE and having a problem for all I know).  In my own test with netscape it tries to display the file rather than download it.  

Question is: how can somebody download a file with .DLL on to their hard-disk (Windows) with Netscape or other popular browser - and if I have a download URL how do i make it work with the main Windows browsers.
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Can you give a pointer to the page? Your user should be able to directly download the DLL if the page contains an <A>...</A> section with the name of the DLL. I experimented with this using Netscape 4.04 and instead of downloading, when I clicked on the link, it displayed the file. So the user could download the file by right clicking and doing a Save Link As...

Alternately, you could zip the DLL up. I know that zip files readily download with IE and Netscape. Go to www.winzip.com for a zip utility that will run under windows. Zipping will also make it quicker to upload and download the DLL.


I have made a ZIP (and also e-mail it for good measure <g>).  The ZIP will download in Netscape, but the user is not an expert.

The meat of the question was how to do it **without** setting up an HTML page.  In IE, just typing the URL to a non-HTML file allows you to download.

The problem is the user has (probably) corrupted one of his M$ Windows files, and I don't want to send the file to anybody but him, as the file really belongs to M$ (I know he has the right Windows licenses, but I don't want to be accused of pirating an M$ DLL which I'm not sure that I'm allowed to distribute to the wider public).

The file is the OLEAUT32.DLL which normally lives in the Windows system directory (another problem is that after he's downloaded it, he needs to replace the file when windows is not running, but I've figured out that part).

I would have given the URLs if it weren't for the above concerns, if had an assurance that I was breaking any laws by giving the URLs, then I'd post em.

He may be able to connect to your web site with FTP and download the file that way. Maybe you could try it on your machine, using command line FTP, and simply mail him a bat file to run FTP?


Well I can do that, but I don't thing the guys an expert, and given that I have some few details about his system this is unlikely to work first time.

It still does answer the original question


If this person is as technically challenged as you seem to think, you probably should mail this DLL to him on a floppy. If he's in the US that will only take 2-3 days maximum.

Otherwise determine which version of Windows he's running under. You can then try using FTP on your Windows machine and determine what the commands are. You can put the commands in a .BAT file and e-mail the .BAT file to him and tell him to run it.

I don't see how you can make it any easier than that.

In case you've not done scripted FTP before you need a file to contain the script commands and a .BAT file to invoke FTP and script it.

BAT file might be like:
ftp -s:ftpcomm.txt mySiteName
copy winnew.dll c:\windows\system32

ftpcomm.txt file might be like:
cd /directoryWithDLL/
get winnew.dll


I'm trying not to get annoyed here...You aren't even attempting to answer my ORIGINAL question.  I don't want an alternative solution, I want the answer to my ORIGINAL question

That aside, I don't know

1) What software he has - other than a version of Windows
2) What browser he has - other than he has one
3) Any contact details except an e-mail address
4) What kind of PC (for all I know, it could be diskless workstation).
(i've asked for **all** the above)
5) I don't know for sure that he is technically challenged, but given my difficulties #1 to #4, I have to assume so.

In any case, I'm upping the points, but they'll only go a correct answer to my original question.

Oh, BTW I would mail him a floppy if I knew the address!


Adjusted points to 70


I thought it would have been obvious based on your testing that you cannot directly download a DLL using Netscape by typing in a location for it on the browser Address line.

The answer is that you must provide a download web page. Using this it is possible to download the DLL using a choice from the popup menu for Netscape. The DLL can be downloaded directly using IE.

If the user is running Windows it is almost a guarantee that they are running one or the other of these browsers.
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Well I'll only give a D to you techmaster, at least your answer is factually correct (AFAIK), although I'm surprised that Netscape doesn't have a way to do this without me creating a dummy page.

Nobody mentioned Opera or other browser versions.  

If you had found a way without a dummy page or mentioned something about the other browsers then I'd have given a better grade.

One last point, in the end I simply e-mailed him the file, because none of the above help a jot in the *real* situation.

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