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for cmix only

Her is your 50 for the VB question
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I will look into more code for you.
MasseyMAuthor Commented:
That is all I have right now...  I am going to use your code... I have manipulated it enough to fit what I wanted to.  If you want, the 200 is still open, add error checking and that stuff and you can have it...

For instance, what happens if they enter:
Mosiah 10      --> I have this one done
Mosiah         --> I have this one done
Mosiah 10:4    --> I have this one done

Could they enter this?
Mosiah 10:3,7,9,...
How would I parse that?

Thanks for all your work!
Are you familiar with String Tok?
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MasseyMAuthor Commented:
no... What is that?
Here is some code that will put it in an array:

    Dim mstrQueryString As String
    Dim mstrBook As String
    Dim mstrChapter As String
    Dim mstrBeginVerse As String
    Dim mstrEndVerse As String
    Dim mintBookEnds As Integer
    Dim mintChapterEnds As Integer
    Dim mintStartVerseEnds As Integer
    Dim mintNumberOfChapters As Integer
    Dim mintCurrentVerse As Integer
    Dim mvarQueryStrings() As Variant
    mstrQueryString = "Mosiah 4:15-17"
    mintBookEnds = InStr(1, mstrQueryString, " ")
    mstrBook = Left(mstrQueryString, mintBookEnds - 1)
    mintChapterEnds = InStr(1, mstrQueryString, ":")
    mstrChapter = Trim$(Mid(mstrQueryString, mintBookEnds, mintChapterEnds - mintBookEnds))
    mintStartVerseEnds = InStr(1, mstrQueryString, "-")
    mstrBeginVerse = Trim$(Mid(mstrQueryString, mintChapterEnds + 1, mintStartVerseEnds - mintChapterEnds - 1))
    mstrEndVerse = Trim$(Mid(mstrQueryString, mintStartVerseEnds + 1))
    mintNumberOfChapters = Val(mstrEndVerse) - Val(mstrBeginVerse)
    ReDim mvarQueryStrings(mintNumberOfChapters, 2)
    For mintCurrentVerse = 0 To mintNumberOfChapters
        mvarQueryStrings(mintCurrentVerse, 0) = mstrBook
        mvarQueryStrings(mintCurrentVerse, 1) = mstrChapter
        mvarQueryStrings(mintCurrentVerse, 2) = Val(mstrBeginVerse) + mintCurrentVerse
    Next mintCurrentVerse

' I will get back to you on String Tok, in a bit
By the way, do you have complete control over the HTML user interface?
MasseyMAuthor Commented:
Yes.. I have total control...  However, the string will come to me in an URL...

ldsmissions.net/scriptures/script.asp?Scripture=Mosiah 10:3-5
ldsmissions.net/scriptures/script.asp?Scripture=Mosiah 10

that will get me the verses...  That is why I need it parsed

Did that code help?
MasseyMAuthor Commented:
The code to getthe scripts into arrays is good, but I don't REALLY need that... What you sent before works, but I need "error checking" like I said above and more in-depth parsing of the query string...

Did you get this worked out, yet?
MasseyMAuthor Commented:
Get what worked out? -- I have it all working right now, but there are still occasions when errors occur...

So, I need some eror code checking enabled.
E-mail your code to me @ marko_justus@hotmail.com

And I will try to help...
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