NT4/Excel Event ID 1007 Source: Perflib

Posted on 1998-08-20
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
When loading an excel file in NT4 I get the following dialogue box:
Unable to locate the close procedure
"NwPfCloseODIPerformanceData" in DLL "Nwpfctrs.dll" for the
"OdiLoad" service. Performance data for this service will not be available. Error Status is data DWORD 0.
Question by:waltbowman
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 1790813
PSS ID Number: Q164613
Article last modified on 11-11-1997

The information in this article applies to:
 - Microsoft Windows NT Workstation version 4.0
If the IntranetWare Client for Windows NT version 4.0 manufactured by
Novell is installed on a computer running Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, it
replaces the Client Services for NetWare (CSNW) service.
The installation process removes and replaces files and makes extensive
changes to the registry. In addition to the list below, the IntranetWare
client also replaces the CSNW icon in Control Panel with an inactive
"NetWare" icon.
To make configuration changes to the IntranetWare client, double-click the
Network icon in Control Panel. Click the Services and select Properties.
The following non-exhaustive list identifies some of these changes:
File System Additions, Changes, Deletions
   Add/change nwelcome.bmp
   Add/change phasers.wav
E:\<WINNTROOT>\Profiles\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\NetWare (Common)
   SFN: E:\WINNTWRK\Profiles\ALLUSE~1\STARTM~1\Programs\NETWAR~1
   Add/change NetWare Change Password.lnk (SFN: NETWAR~2.LNK)
   Add/change NetWare Client for Windows NT help.lnk (SFN: NETWAR~4.LNK)
   Add/change NetWare GUI Login.lnk (SFN: NETWAR~1.LNK)
   Add/change NetWare Send Message.lnk (SFN: NETWAR~3.LNK)
   Add/change ReadMe.lnk
   Add/change setup.log
   Add/change audwin16.dll
   Add/change calwin16.dll
   Add/change clnwin16.dll
   Add/change clxwin16.dll
   Add/change lgnw3116.dll
   Add/change locwin16.dll
   Add/change loginw31.dll
   Add/change loginw31.exe
   Add/change ncpwin16.dll
   Add/change netware.drv
   Add/change netwin16.dll
   Add/change nwcalls.dll
   Add/change nwgdi.dll
   Add/change nwlocale.dll
   Add/change nwnet.dll
   Add/change nwpsrv.dll
   Add/change pnw.dll
   Add/change prtwin16.dll
   Add/change tli_win.dll
   Add/change login.dat
   Add/change login.msg
   Add/change loginw31.hlp
   Add/change netwarer.drv
   Delete     NETWARE.DRV
   Delete     NWAPI32.DLL
   Delete     NWC.CPL
   Add/change audwin32.dll
   Add/change calwin32.dll
   Add/change clnwin32.dll
   Add/change clxwin32.dll
   Add/change ctl3d32.dll
   Add/change lgnwnt32.dll
   Add/change locwin32.dll
   Add/change loginwnt.dll
   Add/change loginwnt.exe
   Add/change lslstats.h
   Add/change ncpwin32.dll
   Add/change ndszip.dll
   Add/change netware.dll
   Add/change netwin32.dll
   Add/change novell.ani
   Add/change novnpnt.dll
   Add/change nwchgpwd.exe
   Add/change nwcpl.cpl
   Add/change nwfmext.dll
   Add/change nwgina.dll
   Add/change nwipxspx.dll
   Add/change nwlscrpt.exe
   Add/change nwmsgsvc.exe
   Add/change nwpapi32.dll
   Add/change nwpfctrs.dll
   Add/change nwpsrv32.dll
   Add/change nwrights.dll
   Add/change nwsetup.dll
   Add/change nwshlxnt.dll
   Add/change nwsipx32.dll
   Add/change nwsndmsg.exe
   Add/change nwspool.dll
   Add/change nwsubs.inf
   Add/change nwv1_0.dll
   Add/change odinsup.inf
   Add/change odistats.h
   Add/change oem.cnt
   Add/change oemnadoa.inf
   Add/change oemnadob.inf
   Add/change oemnadoc.inf
   Add/change oemnadod.inf
   Add/change oemnadoe.inf
   Add/change oemnadof.inf
   Add/change oemnadog.inf
   Add/change oemnadoh.inf
   Add/change oemnprnw.inf
   Add/change oemnsvip.inf
   Add/change perfC009.BAK
   Add/change perfH009.BAK
   Add/change prtwin32.dll
   Add/change rdrstats.h
   Add/change vipx.exe
   Add/change vipxvdd.dll
   Add/change vlmsup.dll
   Add/change vlmsup.exe
   Add/change AUTOEXEC.NT
   Add/change perfc009.dat
   Add/change perfh009.dat
   Add/change nwip.sys
   Add/change odinsup.sys
   Add/change ethertsm.nlm
   Add/change fdditsm.nlm
   Add/change lsl.sys
   Add/change nbi.sys
   Add/change nwfs.sys
   Add/change nwsipx32.sys
   Add/change odiload.sys
   Add/change resmgr.sys
   Add/change sroute.sys
   Add/change tokentsm.nlm
   Add/change 1250_uni.001
   Add/change 1251_uni.001
   Add/change 1252_uni.001
   Add/change 1253_uni.001
   Add/change 1254_uni.001
   Add/change 1255_uni.001
   Add/change 1256_uni.001
   Add/change 1257_uni.001
   Add/change 874_uni.001
   Add/change 932_uni.001
   Add/change 936_uni.001
   Add/change 949_uni.001
   Add/change 950_uni.001
   Add/change uni_1250.001
   Add/change uni_1251.001
   Add/change uni_1252.001
   Add/change uni_1253.001
   Add/change uni_1254.001
   Add/change uni_1255.001
   Add/change uni_1256.001
   Add/change uni_1257.001
   Add/change uni_874.001
   Add/change uni_932.001
   Add/change uni_936.001
   Add/change uni_949.001
   Add/change uni_950.001
   Add/change uni_col.001
   Add/change uni_mon.001
   Add/change ethertsm.msg
   Add/change fdditsm.msg
   Add/change login.dat
   Add/change login.msg
   Add/change msgsvcr.dll
   Add/change netwarer.dll
   Add/change novnpntr.dll
   Add/change nt3setup.cnt
   Add/change nt3setup.hlp
   Add/change nt3using.cnt
   Add/change nt3using.hlp
   Add/change nt4setup.cnt
   Add/change nt4setup.hlp
   Add/change nt4using.cnt
   Add/change nt4using.hlp
   Add/change ntadmin.cnt
   Add/change ntadmin.hlp
   Add/change nwcpl.hlp
   Add/change nwcplr.dll
   Add/change nwevents.dll
   Add/change nwginar.dll
   Add/change nwnthelp.hlp
   Add/change nwrights.hlp
   Add/change nwsetupr.dll
   Add/change nwspoolr.dll
   Add/change odintmsg.dll
   Add/change readme.hlp
   Add/change setup.hlp
   Add/change tokentsm.msg
Registry Key Changes/Additions
   HKLM\SYSTEM\Clone (many changes too numerous to mention)
   \NetWare or Compatible Network
   \NetWare Print Services
   HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment
   HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinSock\Setup Migration
   HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkCards\2
   HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NWCS
   HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
Keys Deleted
   \NetWare or Compatible Network
   \Protocol_Catalog 9\Catalog_Entries
   \Approved (values deleted)
For additional information, please see the following article(s) in the
Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE-ID: Q161733
   TITLE     : Err Msg: Unable to Locate NWAPI32.DLL with IntranetWare
The IntranetWare client is manufactured by Novell, a vendor independent of
Microsoft; we make no  warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this
product's performance or reliability.
Keywords          : ntdomain NTPROTOCOL ntregistry NTWkst kb3rdparty kbenv kberrmsg kbnetwork kbsetup kbui
Version           : WinNT:4.0
Platform          : winnt
Issue type        : kbprb kbinfo
Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1997.



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