program for the platform of window 3.XX and win95

Hi, I want to know how to build a program for the platform win3.XX and win95, is that possible, by Visual C++ ver 5.

Thank you
Tan Seng Teck
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tanstAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
You can build Win95 (Win32) program vith VC 5 but not for Win 3.xx (Win16) for that You have to use VC 1.52c or Borland 4.xx or 5.xx or even Builder (with borland You can develop for DOS, Win16 and Win32)

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A 32 bit program build with VC5 can run under windows 3.11, you don't have to to build a 16 bit program.
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nietod: are You mean win32s ?
Yes.  But are there really any windows 3.x computers that don't support win32s?
tanstAuthor Commented:
I felt disappointed not to the answer you gave but to the fact. The situation is I need to do a program on the industral floor control. It comes with a centain intelligent to check whether the product is loaded into machines and if not there will have graphics animation indicate it. This is allow the foreman in the factory knows which is the best and efficient method before the real implementation.

The problem is that industrial computer system do not upgrade to the lastest windows platform because most of the industrial program is still in Windows 3.XX platform. I have a DOS vision of the program, all I need to do is to convert to the windows platform.

Why I choose Visual C++, simply because of the useful function like the MFC that give me the ease of programming.

Please tell me beside going into other language, is there any way to use other language incorporate with Visual C++. And is it difficult to convert the DOS platform, which programmed in Turbo Pascal, in to Windows platform?

Thank you.

Tan Seng Teck.
20 Aug 98.
First: of all You have Pascal for Windows (Borland)
Second: VC 1.52c supports MFC... (i'm still using it to write Win16 programs if needed :( ) and its price now is almoust nothing

nietod: Yes of course and this factory mentioned by tanst is right example of it... more than that I'll never recommend to anybody to use win32s i had so many problems with it... especially with MFC anv VC 4!!!!
tanstAuthor Commented:
xyu : Do they still sell VC 1.52?
i gues they are... otherwise how people can build or support old applications fo Win16... try to get "second hand" compiler... or even better buy the Borland C++ or Pascal it will allow you to develop for any (DOS/Win3.x/Win95/NT) op. system. and quality of the compiler in much better on Borland 4.x/5.x that VC 1.52c/4.x
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