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Preferred Win 95 Default Protocol?

foto asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-23
What should i set as my default protocol for a peer-peer Window 95 to Window 98 ethernet 10base connection. IPX or Netbeul?

Also my network connections will not work properly unless  Banyan Vines is setup. Is this normal? should there be bindings listed in my Banyan Vines advanced setup?

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Try just using Netbuei.  It is the perfect protocal for a small peer to peer network unless your using a software product that requires a specific protocal.

The best protocal for Peer to Peer is TCPIP.


Thought this was a internet type connection.

Banyan Vines?  What are we dealing with here?  Is this just two systems connected via a crossover cable?  If so, delete everything you don't need (banyan, ipx, and any clients you have installed).  Loading extra protocols just makes for unnecessary packet traffic on your network (unless you want to use applications or games that require another specific protocol).  All you should need would be:  NetBEUI & File and Printer Sharing.  Give each PC a name (on the identification tab) and make sure they are members of the same workgroup.  You should be good to go, as long as you're cabling is ok.  With just two PCs, you need a crossover cable.


I tryed this, still need Banyan Vines. I have a 3com nis and a Kingston nis.

When does Windows tell you need BAnyan Vines? BTW.... put both IPX and NetBeui.... IPX can be for games and most other products that you want to use on your little intranet.... NetBeui is good for the simple connection.... i use both.... also... it is NIC not Nis :) TCP/IP is for the internet and if you use this for your intranet then when you connect to the web it is easy to hack into your computer... Try taking out your cards... deleting your cards from the system\devices menu... and puting them back in.... only installing what you need....
for now try that and tell me more about how you "have" to installl Banyan Vines...if your wire is the trouble... i can help you with that too...


The windows 98 machine is not recognized on the network without Banyan Vines protocol installed. The Windows 95 machine has no problem. Could it be the 2 OS are different? Or because one NIC is a 3com and the other is a Kingston.

I have a friend who did a peer to peer network between a 98 ans 95 machine..... it worked... after a while..... it must be the cards..... if it works with the banyan vines then what is the problem... it works...


It works fine with Banyan Vines BUT: With banyan Vines i have to change the address of NIC to irq 11 I/O 210. This conflict with something because 98 will not close properly. Banyan Vines will not work if NIC address is Irq 11 I/O 230.


For peer to peer the best, fastest and easiest to use is NETBEUI. I've never heard of any peer to peer set up that required the use of BANYAN VINES.
'theh95' adviced you with the best choice. A little harder to configure, but the best choice.
The network will work nice (mineS are doing :) with any protocol provided everything is right (I mean cards and so...). You may have other problems but it would not be a matter of choosing a protocol.

The easiest test you can do is (as someone said before) to clear the protocols/adapters/services list, to reboot and:
1) if the network card gets autodetected... configure it
2) add the netbeui protocol
3) add the "windows client" (and enable sharing if you feel like)

The test I would do would be the same, but TCPIP instead of netbeui
Give each machine a valid intranet number (i.e. 192.168.0.x with netmask (for a class-C network))

Use TCPIP ... If sharing files is all you'll do, then you don't need it and netbeui whould be sufficient .. but many programs are set up to use TCPIP anyways because of the fact that it's the network protocal of choice for the net .. games use it, as do other applications which share data.

(And you can set up other information-feed services over TCPIP easily .. HTTP, FTP .. etc if you want to get a little fancy, there are some great free server daemons out on the net that run over TCPIP)
I was adviced many times to use TCPIP instead of netbeui because Netbeui uses very long headers and to use TCPIP would improve the transfer rate.
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tcpip works best

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