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Connect and win98 peer to peer

stealth1 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-23
I need to get a win98 machine connected to an OS/2 peer network. How or what do I neeed to setup the win98 machine to do this? I know the cables and cards are all good because when I boot to connect it all works, But I cannot get 98 to see any machine but itself on the domain. The 98 machine has been checked to have all parameters that I can find set to match the connect values. Any help would be appreciated.
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Does the OS/2 network use NETBIOS?
If so, then "Windows for Workgroups" or WIN95 or WIN98
should be able to communicate.

Try looking at:  http://www.cincyteamos2.org
for details about OS/2.
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MR_REALTIME plagarizes:
> Make sure that both Warp and Win98 have matching NETBIOS setups.

Your "proposed-answer" looks suspiciously like Otta's "comment".
Plagarised ?
To: Otta

Eh?  I had to go back and read your comment to see if I had accidentally plagarized.  Now that I have, I honestly fail to see any.  

Indeed, you asked if the OS/2 network used NETBIOS, and I restated the question ("How are your OS/2 machines peered?").  But the point I was making is that, in my experience, most people peer Windoze machines using NETBIOS-over-TCP.  In contrast, most OS/2 peer setups that I've seen use straight NETBIOS.  For the purposes of file and print sharing between the two operating systems, it scarcely matters which of the two methods you choose... but they do need to be the same.  

To be clearer, I should have said, "...matching NETBIOS or NETBIOS-over-TCP setups".  If stealth1 has file and print shared OS/2 machines, he is using one or the other, but we still don't know which --- he still hasn't said.

I sincerely assure you that no plagarism was intended.  If my reply was taken as such, I humbly apologize.

To: stealth1

Well?  How DO you have your OS/2 machines peered??


I have all machines using NETBIOS over TCP
btw the cincy page is fine for setting up OS/2. That is not what I need. I have all machines comomunicating fine when booted to OS/2. It is only when 98 is booted that I cannot see the other machines on the net. And the OS/2 machines cannot see it.

1. You need to match the NetBIOS setting if you want to allow browsing. This is usually done automatically (when you're using the default setings).
2. In order for 95/98/NT to share resource with Warp using Peer-to-peer or network neighbourhood, you need to install additional application. Visit this URL, get the file (it's free) and install it on your Warp machine.

I don't think the software that sentiono points to is what you are looking for ("This product enables Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT clients to utilize Network Neighborhood to access Warp Server resources.").  I won't presume to second-guess the Evil Bill regarding W98, but extra software is emphatically not necessary for 95/NT4 to share Warp 4 PEER resources.  I am typing this on a Warp 4 machine that is serving file and print resources to my kids' Windoze95 machines.  (My work network is a mixed bag of 95/NT4/Warp4).  No fixpaks or third party software were used to set it up.


Thanks for the help. It still doesn't work but after trying tis long I am just going to forget it and keep booting between the two.

Well... thanx, but I don't deserve any points for this if you didn't fix your problem.
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