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andrewyu asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
What is U and V pipeline ?

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Not again Andrew!

For anyone else that's interested:

See his user profile for the history of low or no-point questions that are left to be auto-graded!

They are the two Piplines that fall inbetween the T and W pipelines, also know as the Useless Vomit Pipelines.

Not to be confused with the Sun's U V Pipeline


Useless ??????
Vomit ??????
T and W pipeline ??????

What are they ??????

Where can I get reference ??????

Anyway, thank you very much !!!!!!


I think these people try to state to you, that your grading point should be a bit higher. 50 points for an easy question, 100 for moderate and 200 for hard. By the way The Vomit pipeline in not useless, we use it when we drink to mutch, vomit, the pipeline takes the useless vomit away. That's the reason.


Adjusted points to 10

You can get FREE answers at the MSDN website. You'll have to join (don't worry, that's free, too). Go to the Library and search for pipeline.



Oops! I forgot. This is not a hardware question...


Thank you very much !
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Good luck, Colleen!


Actually, you didn't help me so, but, I get idea from you all !!!!!!

So, thank you very much !!!!!!


Thank you, Andrew.

I can appreciate that you've used up most of your points on a Delphi question that's been hanging for the past 11 days, but I hope you can understand that people who take the time to hang out at this website just to help others like to feel at least a little bit appreciated.

And while I may not have given you the definition you were looking for, I could have spent the better part of a day collecting the information that you requested. As it was, I spent about 1/2 hour over at the MSDN website before I referred you there. Now, if you are a programmer then you understand the value of time. I didn't ask for your address so I could send you an invoice. And even research assistants can place a value on their time.

When you leave a question hanging, it is autograded by EE. That means it earns a C and, to the answering expert, is worth 2 times the number of points you're offering (rather than 4). These points cannot be used to purchase questions. They go into a different pot and have two purposes: a) to look good on a resume; and b) to earn a T-shirt.

When you offer far less than the EE suggested values for a question, you are telling us that it is not very important that an answer be found. In which case, it seems to be a waste of time to come to EE to ask it. If it's something you need to know, and possibly something that can result in more $$$ for you (or a saving of real $$$), then let the number of points you offer reflect that.

Sorry if we gave you a bad time. You've been here since April 1997 and have yet to offer your expertise on questions. Perhaps you'd understand us better if you were one of us. This is a COMMUNITY.


Colleen, you said that very well.
I've said the same thing to Andrew in the past, as have many others.  He either can't understand it or doesn't care to.
Perhaps now you'll understand my original comment.

Ralph, I did read your comment and appreciated the heads-up. And thank you for the compliment. The eternal optimist, I live in hope that everyone has a conscience. I am thankful that I am only accountable for my actions (to do what I know is right), not for the reactions of others.


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