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Unreadable error message on Boot Up

roderick asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
On boot up, I have a LONG delay with the press function 2 for setup on the screen.  Just before Win 95 loads, I get an error message that goes by so quickly I can't read it.  Is there any way I can pause the screen before Win 95 loads so I can read the message?
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Press f8 as soon as you see starting windows 95 you have to be prompt and do it as soon as you see it then perform a step by step configuration, after each step it will prompt you to load each line and device, you can then load them one by one answering yes to each and note the one that has the error in it.  Once you find the error, come back here and post it and I will help you to solve it you first have to have a description of the error.

Good Luck


Fn 8 didn't work.  (I had already tried it).  The error message is something like, I think, "Event log messages enter setup to ???"  It comes after the BIOS hardware messages with press Fn 2 for setup frozen on the screen for a LONG time.  Immediately after Win95 loads.  What is the file that loads Win?  The fn 8 confirmation process says its in autoexec.bat but its not in my autoexec.bat!  Alternatively, where is my Event log Messages file (IF that's what the message says)?  What Setup is it asking me to enter?  Bootlog.txt reports a few errors but now that I disabled the USB driver (my first question), the system works fine except for the long delay and the unreadable error message.

Have you tryed to look into the boot log file bootlog.txt, I would first delete this file and then reboot and pressing f8 and doing a logged windows boot, then look in or post your bootlog.txt file for me to look at and try to determine your problem or error.  This file maybe hidden and if explorer option to show all files is not checked you may not see this file.  If after going thru this we do not solve your problem, then by all means reject my answer to you by reopening it up to the experts and see if someone else can come up with solution.


Hi Wayneb,

My bootlog.txt file is 12 pages long!  here are the reported failures:

[000AC470] Loading Vxd = ndis2sup.vxd
[000AC472] LoadFailed  = ndis2sup.vxd

[000AC475] LoadFailed  = vshare

[000AC4D0] Dynamic load device  naapi.vxd
[000AC4D5] Dynamic load failed  naapi.vxd : [000AC4D5] File not found


LoadFail = DMMDATA.DAT Failure code is 0002

Any suggestions what my LONG pause with press Fn 2 for setup and before the starting
Win 95 could mean?  Thanks, Roderick


Adjusted points to 100

The troubles that you are seeing sound like they are a result of missing/deleted network support drivers (ndis2, etc.).  Network drivers are persistant in trying to load and bind protocols to NICs which is why your workstation "slows" during the boot process.  the vshare notice is referring to the vshare.386 (386enh) driver that is loaded through the system.ini file.  The vshare.386 file should be located in your windows/system directory.  If it is not, you should make a copy of it from another workstation and copy it into this directory. You need to restart your computer, let it boot through the POST (power on self test), etc.  Windows then begins to boot with parameters set in the autoexec.bat and config.sys files (this is what you saw when doing the "step-by-step confirmation" exercise).  The autoexec.bat and config.sys files set up workstation paths, memory drivers, essential device drivers like your CD-ROM, etc.  Next, windows load parameters from the win.ini file.  The win.ini file calls system device drivers that may also be included in the system.ini file.  You should open the system.ini file using a text editor (most likely notepad.exe) and view information in the [Boot], [386enh] and [Network] sections of the file.  Remove (REM) out any lines pertaining to the ndis2sup and vshare drivers.

EXAMPLE:  REM device=*vshare

Be sure to save the edited file (as system.ini) and then reboot your workstation.  This should solve your problem.


Hi Turnkey,

I am not on a network so don't need network support drivers.  Vshare.386 is not in my \windows\system directory.  Where can I get a clean copy of it?  On my Win 95 CD-ROM? I REMMED out the TWO device=*vshare lines in system.ini, saved the file and rebooted.  I still have the long delay and the unreadable error message.  Is there a way I can pause the screen just before the "starting Windows 95" message?


Make sure that you REM out the network support drivers, too!  The only way that I know for sure that you can control the booting process is via the "step-by-step confirmation".  Pressing F8 *after* you already see Windows95 staring up is useless.  If done at the appropriate time, you should see several options for booting (e.g. Safe Mode, ...with network support, ...without network support, etc.)  You should definitely try to boot WITHOUT network support - I still think that this is what is causing your long delay.  BTW, other than this boot delay, is the workstation working properly?  Have you looked for any conflits in your device manager? (Right-click mouse on My Computer, highlight Properties, view Device Manager tab)  A conflict will be denoted with a yellow circle containing an exclamation point!  Let me know...


Hi Turnkey.

I don't have any network drivers in my system.ini (ndis2sup etc).  I remmed out refereces to Vshare.  I have no system conflicts.  The system seems to be working fine except for: 1. the long delay, 2. the unreadable error message, and 3. the errors reported earlier in my bootlog.txt file


Hi Turnkey.

     I don't have any network drivers in my system.ini (ndis2sup etc).  I remmed
     out refereces to Vshare.  I have no system conflicts.  The system seems to
     be working fine except for: 1. the long delay, 2. the unreadable error
     message, and 3. the errors reported earlier in my bootlog.txt file
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