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freakin' Packard Bell w/built in modem

gfdgary asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
I just purchased a 56K modem. Now, how do I get my Pentium 75 (clocked to 100mhz) to recognize the new modem, which it doesn't, and disable the factory modem/soundcard combo card? I plugged it in (the new modem) and went to go online, but no go. No dial tone.
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please help!!
Dude, Time to by a Sound Blaster :-)  git rid of the entire thing...   that is the best thing that you could do for yourself, I would  be glad to help you install you "NEW SB" for  0 points I just went through this whole ordeal with a friend and vowed NEVER to do it again.  it you can't afford to do this, disable any exesisting com ports and change your modem to work on that port,  good luck...

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Leave the PB modem installed as it was.  You can have two modems installed in your system. (using different resources)

1) Is the new modem Plug N Play, jumper configurable, or both?

2) Is your BIOS PnP aware?



to easy to 'discard and replace', and finances are very limited. BIOS is PnP, but does not auto config the new modem, instead, gives conflict of COM ports. This seems like an easy fix, but I've tried messing with BIOS settings and nothing worked. I apparently need a 'hands holding walk thru' to disable this soundcard/modem combo thing. There's gotta be someone else who has gone thru' this and survived the ridicule of owning a PB

Try making sure 'PNP Aware OS' setting is Yes (if there such a setting in your BIOS.) Next, if the new modem is an internal one it probaly wants to be set up as COM2 (hence the conflict message) in which case disable the on board COM2 port. If it is an external modem then on board COM2 must be enabled.

I suggest you remove the new modem and get the system back to where it was, operating without conflict.
Then, we can "walk you thriugh" setup of the new modem by adjusting settings as necessary.
If you continue plunging around compounding one error after another, you will have an Excedrin-type problem, requiring a lot more time to correct.


I have removed the modem and returned the system to original prior to messing around. My BIOS has COM A with choices to set the address (COM 2, 2F8h, IRQ 3, etc. thru' COM 4 and DISABLE) and Modem/COM B: AUTO (which will supposedly auto config port or give you the choice of COM 1-4 and matching addresses, or DISABLE). I don't know what to disable, and what to enable. That's why I'm here seeking much needed help. Jamie dangled the carrot, but I need to be lead to the water.
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ics answer was quite good. I would like to know his BIOS settings with the original sound/modem card and the new internal card COM A and COM B/MODEM.

Thanks for the great help.
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