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Outlook Express Folders

Sleepr asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-08
The Oulook Express Folder on the left hand side of the screen contains many sub-folders (Inbox, Outbox etc.). The last few folders are 'Journal', 'Notes' & 'Tasks'. I have tried to use these folders but they do not work. Do I need to setup these folders so that they will work as their intended purpose and if so how?
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Are you sure you are using Outlook Express. I think you are using Outlook 97.
You may upgrade to Outlook 98 for better functionality.


Definetly Outlook Express. It came with Win98. Each of the folders has instructions on how to go about using it, but the instructions don't work. Outlook97 has large icons, all I have is something in the format of Exploring.
I have not seen it you may reject my answer.


No answer to question.
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If I uninstalling Outlook Express and reinstalling it, will I lose all my saved emails and address book? Is there a way I can retain them yet uninstall/reinstall?
No you will not lose anything. Outlook Express stores your mail
and address book entries in another folder and does not delete them.


I have uninstalled/reinstalled with no change in the folders. Any other suggestions?
I think I got it. You first had Outlook installed on your
computer. Then you uninstalled it, installed Outlook Express and
imported the mails of Outlook into Outlook Express. In that case,
these folders have been imported from Outlook but as they serve
no purpose in Outlook Express they are redundant. You may delete them.


I have never had Outlook installed or imported anything into Outlook Express. However, I think you're right in that the folders serve no purpose and are useless, so the points are yours. Thanks for the help.
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