soundcard %$^#up

ok here's the deal. I just got a new pc. pentium 75 and all that.. any ways I cannot get the sound card to work properly. I can hear sound on all formats...midi,mp3,wav,every thing else. but it is real nasty that I mean the sounds is very distorted and skips. I know it is not the card cause when I first had it I had a friend install it....but then I accidently deleted it from my hardware thingie in the control panel>setup>harwaremaneger. when I tried to reinstall it this happened..I am thinking it may be the drivers cause my friend had a cd..I do not have that cd..the instructions to install it tell me to use the cd to configure drivers and such. The cound card is a  Sound Blaster 16 WavEffects. If someone could help me out here then I would be thankful{not to mention u get the points}
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There is no Creative SoundBlaster 16 WavEffects!!! From where do you know that your SoundBlaster 16 have the WavEffects????? That technology is usend in AWE, PCI, Live! SoundBlasters, but not in the 16. You can have a old "standart" 16, a 16 ASP (Advanced Signal Processor) - the better 16, 16 MCD (MultiCD connectors), 16 Vibra (low-cost, PnP)
I think you have a SB16Vibra. You can also have a second soundcard such as WaveBlaster wich will be connected to your Vibra16. 1) Open the PC and see what is written on the SB and if you have any other cards connected to the SB. 2) Try the sound under DOS (with some new :) DOS game) If NOTHING else help (first send comments so we can see what happening) Reinstall "from the scratch" entire Windows95 (best format C:\ first)

P.S. Don't reject my answer. And don't accept it until your problem is completly gone! Leave/Put it as "Proposed" and trought comments we will fix all. At the END you can accept or reject by the situation.

and look for

           Windows 95/98 - Sound Blaster
 File Date:
 File Size:
           316,013 bytes
           Full duplex Sound Blaster 16/32/AWE
           Driver Updates for Windows 95/98
           SDR-95UPD-1-US (REVISION 14)

then select properties on the sound card in the device manager
update driver
display a list... have disk and give the path

cyberfien1Author Commented:
Sorry dude, it did not work. still sounds just the same..although you may find this interesting...after I tried that and it did not work I just took it out completely so I did not have a soundcard registered...when I rebooted and went into win95 it found a soundcard.....soundblaster16 plug and play...but nothing about my waveffects though...{still sounds like $#@t
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When you go to control panel / system does the sound device have have a ! through it ? Also check properties/resources to see if there are resource conflicts.
cyberfien1Author Commented:
no it doesn' says that everything is working fine. but, the one that I have...."soundblaster 16 waveffects" that exact soundcard is not in the choices that I can pick.....could this be one of the problems?
Consider getting the CD from your friend!
cyberfien1Author Commented:
LOL,well there is a problem with that and the reason I have not done so already.....he was here temporarely from Florida
cyberfien1Author Commented:
ok first you must be wrong. I am looking at the box it came in, in the very middle on the front it has BLASTER{written in wierd font} and below that in yellow..16 WavEffects.... then below that in smaller yellow font it says "CD- quality Audio Performance and WavEffects Music Playback from the Standard-Setting Sound Blaster there.
cyberfien1Author Commented:
oh ya and it says on the box that it is plug and play.
cyberfien1Author Commented:
eheh hey guys..I was recently talking to a friend on net describing problem..I have more info..I already sent a letter to the techs at
here is what I sent.
I just sent this like 2 min ago..but I now have critical info to add on it. I was describing my problem to a friend on the net and found out that it is only when the screen is changing that the sound gets distorted. like I can play an mp3 without moving mouse and it is fine..but if I start moving mouse then it get crappy..the same for midi and wav and also explains why movies or avi's or real video is crappy..I hope this new info helps.
ok..I recently bought a friends pc. he/I have a soundblaster 16
waveffects installed. I was trying to install some new hardware
and accidently deleted the setup in the devicemaneger. I  tried
to let win95 install it by just found a card
soundblaster 16 plug and play. It still plays sounds and
everything but unless all it is doing is playing sound{can't
have mouse moving rapidly or anything else in background
working} or else the sounds gets all distorted and skips. I
tried to install new did not work. I have tried to
install the card type it says on the box but I cannot find the
correct card when I try to install. I know a cd came with the
soundcard but as I said I bought this off a friend and he does
not know where the cd is so I cannot do a have disk. This is
driving me nuts so if you could help I would be very

and if this helps here is the conversation with my friends.. PARENTAL WARNING AND STUFF..there is some cursing  so don't get me reported.
 CyBeRFiEN1:       I know this is driving me just now..the im was ok
 CyBeRFiEN1:       but if I were like surfing net just now{loading a page}it would have been (Edited by Computer101)
 Leetmax1:       yup
 CyBeRFiEN1:       my welcome and good bye is (Edited by Computer101) 2
 CyBeRFiEN1:       when I play an mp3 it is ok..unles I start to movce mouse
 CyBeRFiEN1:       and real video.....
 CyBeRFiEN1:       oh (Edited by Computer101)
 CyBeRFiEN1:       not if its busy
 CyBeRFiEN1:       its if the moniter is being adjusted
 Leetmax1:       cool
 CyBeRFiEN1:       thats why the mp3 werx unless I start mnoving mouse
 CyBeRFiEN1:       and why real video sux
 CyBeRFiEN1:       (Edited by Computer101)..  

thats it..hope this helps you help me get you points
Yo Cyber,

  This is the solution to your problem:

Select the first question.
Check if the IRQ's of the mouse (COM?, PS/2 ???) and the SB are different. If not then that's the reason.......your SB is PnP, but..... who knows????
cyberfien1Author Commented:
how do I check bout the irq and stuff?
Go to control panel / system /device mgr / computer. It will give you a list of interrupts and dma's used. If SB 16 Wave is not one of the choices, yher is no river for it on your system. You need to get the driver, and then select have disk option when choosing the card type.
Go to cpanel/system/devicemgr and see in the SB resources what DMA, IRQ, I/O it use, the check the COM1,2,3,4, PS/2, LPT1,2,3 ports, Mouse, ..... and see if any of the used in SB resources is used anywhere other. If yes then that make a conflict.
Another thing. You only have pentium 75. The card probably uses software wave synthesis, and the demand overloads the cpu. Can you find a way of using fm synthesis instead of wave in the driver options?
cyberfien1Author Commented: would I do that?
For fully SB16 compatible (wich your card IS) is needed FM synth chip - you use it in all DOS-games.
I don't think 586/75 is too weak. Search at to see what are the system requierments for SB16WavEff. - I guess 486/66 :)
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