Cabed out!!!

I've got a laptop without a cd rom. I have copied all relevant files from the host computer cd rom, too my 'hardrive' drive on the laptop, via serial cable, with the same directory structure as on the cd rom. I wish to upgrade my earlier version of 'win95' too a later version, but i get the message (just after scandisk):-

 "Could not decompress this Setup ( CAB ) file. Setup cannot continue. Click OK to quit Setup.

Ideas please,


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genius2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
one of the files must have been not correctly transfered. you test test the files with extract (without option you get a help screen).
One of the CAB files is corrupt on your HD.  Windows informs you which one it cannot extract, recopy it from your source and try again.  Consider checking your HD for errors with a surface scan by Scandisk.
ajholdenAuthor Commented:
A cab file was corrupted although the file size was correct, setup didn't inform me which one though.
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