TUD8500 Undocumented jumper settings

Are there any undocumented jumper settings CPU clock setting for a Biostar TUD8500 Motherboard?
To run the CPU faster than 233MHz
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dankhConnect With a Mentor Commented:

  I am assuming you don't have the Motherboards' manual.  If so, you can download it at their FTP site.  You will need a FTP utility to do this:  http://www.cuteftp.com/index.html

Go to this site to get the manual:

Once you have the manual, you can play around with the jumper settings and or CPU multiplier on the MOBO to get the Pentium Overclocked.  That is, if the MOBO provides you with a means to increase the bus speed and/or multiplier.


  One more thing:

If you can't change the CPUs multiplier or the boards' bus speed, forget about overclocking.  
hdriderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info, unfortunately for me, 233MHz appears to be all the speed in this board! I was hoping the was a use these 2 jumpers trick, so guess an FIC 503+ will be the direction.
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Glad to be of help, ken.
I haven't looked at your particular motherboard, but some do have undocumented speed settings.

Sometimes, the slowest clock multiplier setting serves as an undocumented higher multiplier when faster CPUs are installed.
For example, many boards have a 1.5 multiplier that also serves to multiply by 3.5 when a fast CPU is on-board.

Try it.  It won't hurt anything.

You might also check for a possible BIOS upgrade for your board that will enable the faster settings.

I hope this gets what you want.
hdriderAuthor Commented:
I have looked at the downloaded manual. Here are the settings:
CPU SpeedBus Clock JP2      JP13 (1-2)      JP13 (3-4)            
90MHz      60MHz x 1.5      closed      open      open
100MHz      66MHz x 1.5      open      open      open
120MHz      60MHz x 2      closed      closed      open
133MHz      66MHz x 2      open      closed      open
150MHz      60MHz x 2.5      closed      closed      closed
166MHz      66MHz x 2.5      open      closed      closed
200MHz      66MHz x 3      open      open      closed
233MHz      66MHz x 3.5      open      open      open

* JP2 closed  : Bus Clock = 60MHz
* JP2 open   : Bus Clock = 66MHz
* JP13(1-2) open & JP13(Pin 3-4) open  : Multiplier = 1.5
* JP13(1-2) closed & JP13(3-4) open   : Multiplier = 2
* JP13(1-2) closed & JP13(3-4) closed : Multiplier = 2.5
* JP13(1-2) open & JP13(3-4) closed : Multiplier = 3
* JP13(1-2) open & JP13(3-4) open : Multiplier = 3.5 (for 233 MHz)
I think I need another clock position to speed up the board. Checked out Biostar and nothing there. Guess it is at its maximum.
Really do not see any possibilities, unless you see one.
Thank you very much, I appreciate the thought and consideration you have shown me!
Thank You.


  As i can see, you max out at 66 bus speed, and your multiplier is maxed out at 3.5.  Sorry, no overclocking for you.  If your MObo supported other chips (i.e. AMDs, or Cyrix) you would have higher multipliers and bus-speeds depending on the max. speed of the other chips.  I take it your MOBO is pentium only?

   Also, i don't know how old your 233 chip is but Intel has disabled the overclocking possibilty with their chips.  I bought my Pentium 200mmx in Feb and I can't alter the multiplier whatsoever.  So your only option is the MOBO and i see that you are maxed out at 66 bus speed which is the normal speed.
hdriderAuthor Commented:
Am using an AMD K6-233, not an Intel. Sorry I forgot to mention it before.
Does this help???
Again thank you!!!!!!!!!

   Actually, knowing about your K6 helps a lot.  You are maxed out chip and multiplier wise.  Correct me if i am wrong, your MOBO only supports up to a 233 K6?  If not, you would have had faster multiplier settings:  K6 266= 4.0 multilplier, and a K6 300= 4.5 multiplier.  Your Bus speed remains constant (66 mHz) up to at least a  300 Mhz K6.  You are maxed out, Ken.
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