x86 history/future

ALL x86 CPUs from 8086 to 80686 and future (if possible, the more needed info is for x=[0;4] :) - 8086-80486) names/speeds/NPUs/performance/other info/..etc.. ALL
Web-url/answer&comments/email at second@softhome.net
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I have put together some url's of intrest to you all about the x86 processor, including bugs and history and programing tips for all the Intel processors.  There are masive amounts of information here, at your finger tips.


I hope this helps

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secondAuthor Commented:
10x, I am checking the URLs, please wait..................
BTW, that what I have checked to the current moment was for Intel ..... I want info for ALL generations (86,286,686) and all brands (NEC, UMC, Cyrix, ..... ) And I prefer the exotic ones (186, 188, UMC, the mnf. of RapidCAD) and the more needed info ranked be need is for 186/188, 286, 386, 86/88, 486. I know the CPUs at 486DX2 - K6-2 good.... :)
PS. If that is included in some of the URLs don't get angry I didn't check them all, .... wait.......
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secondAuthor Commented:
I am interested in OverDrive/ Cyrix/IBM's 386 upgrade solutions too - ALL info about ALL x86 CPUs is of interest
secondAuthor Commented:
10x, still checking.......................
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