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Expert points

second asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-27
What is the use of the expert points?
Sorry for questioning such dumm thing :)
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10x, and what is the connection between good/excelent/averge/barely, the "standart" points given by the question-guy and the received expert points?
If you give A grade you will give 4 times the points set by you.
You only spend points like 1 which you spent to ask this question.
But you can give the expert upto 4 points. 4 points by giving A,
3 points by giving B, 2 points by giving C, 1 point if you give
D. If you open it to other experts, you are REJECTING the answer
of an expert.

The "Gold Site" hasn't happened.
See the following:




10x, in the Gold Site I am not very interested becouse I don't see any way to become the money (even if I become 15000 exp.points....) - I have no CC (in my country that is not supported :)So I dont see any way to BUY standart points and I am waiting for the free....
One more dumb thing: Can I "trade" exp.points for standart?
BTW where is the FULL list of experts (I only see the first 8 or 10 at enter....congratulations rmarotta)
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