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Converting from full window to frames - Java Applet Link Problems

bigstar asked
Last Modified: 2011-09-20
I manage a medium sized Intranet site and recently it has become necessary to convert a section of the site from full pages to frames.

The frame is a simple division of two, with a header at the top and a  main large window below.

All has gone reasonably well apart from certain hyperlinks inside the original FULL pages which are link via a Java Applet. A sample of which is below:-

<applet code="fphover.class" width="120" height="24">
      <param name="text" value="Home">
      <param name="color" value="#000080">
      <param name="hovercolor" value="#00FFFF">
      <param name="textcolor" value="#FFFFFF">
      <param name="effect" value="reverseGlow">
      <param name="url" value="organise.htm"  valuetype="ref">
      <param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF">
      <param name="font" value="Helvetica">
      <param name="fontstyle" value="regular">
      <param name="fontsize" value="14">

These Java Applet 'hover button' links will always open into a new full window, rather than inside the frame. Whereas all other non-Java links open inside the frame as intended. Is there anything I can do to make the link open inside the frame?

I'm also copying this question to the Java section for no points - just to catch the right expert - but please answer here - naturally ;-)
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Edited text of question


<base target="frame name"> For the pages with the applet
(_self, _parent, _top if appropriate)


OK Dagon - will try and report my findings - thanks.


Dagon - I'm working in FrontPage by the way - which does do some strange things - but I can't seem to make it work.

Tried placing <base target="main_self"> on it's own line both before and after the URL reference - FPage removes it!

Tried expressing it as the following:

      <param name="url" value="organise.htm"  valuetype="ref">
      <param name="base target" value="main_self">
      <param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF">

FPage ignored it

I did get one result, when I tried to use the expression as an argument tacked onto the URL parameter, where I got the browser to open a new window. Not what I wanted, but a result!

Anyway I can't seem to reproduce that response.

Am I writing this out incorrectly - help!



Hold the front page.I Persevered and this works:

<param name="target" value="_self">
<param name="url" value="organise.htm" valuetype="ref">

so many many thanks - please re post your comment as an answer and the 50 points, a big pat on the back and whatever else you want are yours.

Sorry to say that those ideas will not work.. You see, the paramaters you pass any applet must have been programmed into the applet by the programmer... You cannot simply assign random variables and expect it to put it where you want it to... This is just in the Java  code...

Either rewrite the java code, or you can change to text links..


MasseyM - You may have a point, but I assume this parameter must be in the original Java Code, cos it works mate - honest!

<param name="target" value="_self">

Sorry bigstar... That is not true... I use J++ from Microosft and that is not a default paramater... You must first define it as so...


I think that it must already be a preprogrammed parameter that bigstar was not previously using.  I am sure that if he says it works then it must do.


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MasseyM - As trevor says "it must already be a preprogrammed parameter that (I) was not previously using". Although the WYSIWYG editor in FrontPage does not include a way to edit or add this parameter - it must exist cos believe me it really does work.

Dagon - here's your points - thanks again - think you've caused a minor controversy here!

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