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Frontpage 98 Page Counter

mkelley asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
I use Frontpage 98 as my authoring software and I have a question regarding the built in page counters that Frontpage comes with.  I currently use a page counter that my ISP supplies but I want to use my own due to many problems I've had with the free counter.  

My question is this:  Once I have inserted the page counter using the "insert page components" on the Frontpage editor, how do I upload it to my directory.  I use Cute FTP as my FTP program but I don't know what I'm supposed to upload.  If I just upload the html page, the hit counter comes up with a missing picture so nothing will be there.  I tried right clicking on the image in Frontpage and saving it and then uploading the picture but that didn't work either.  The script looks like it is using an image name of "3" as opposed to the name of the image that I saved.  

Do I need to upload some kind of script?  And where do I find it?  If not, how do I get the counter to work.  If you need any other info just let me know and I'll supply it.

Thanks for your help.
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Does your ISP support FrontPage Server Extensions?


I am not sure.  I use Netcom as my ISP.  If they don't does that mean I can't use the page counter?
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I was wrong, the can host FP Extensions, it will depend on what type of account you have with them.


I have a $19.95 a month account with them.  Where did you find out this info and if theu do support the extensions, how do I go about getting it to works as far as uploading?

I went to http://www.netcom.net/offer/individual/index.html.

You have their NetComplete, which is their basic dial-up account.

In order to use FrontPage Server Extensions you must have:

The IdentityPack, which is $45.00.

NetCom also offers additional WebHosting Features, but this is the least expensive to accomplish your task of having a FP counter.

If you just want a reliable counter, check out:



Thanks for your help.  I found out the same thing when I went into my account information on the Netcom site.  I will try that web site you told me about.  Is there a way to create your own counter using some type of script or will that not work either?  Let me know if you have any idea.  

Thanks again

With the limitations you have from NetCom, there is not a good way to do it...  

I am looking into web-hosting, if I do I will let you know...
I am sure I will have several different counters for you to play with...

For free of course...


Thanks alot!  Keep me in mind.  My e-mail address is  mkelley2@ix.netcom.com
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