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Bad printing

albetop asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-12
I was printing very well with my HP Deskjet 540 in windows 3.1.
But I update to windows95 and try to install the printer with the drivers that came with windows.And I can't print correctly, I get only trash characters...so I try to install the disks from HP that came with the printer but I can't because they are only for windows 3.1
Where can I get the disks for windows95 to download?
Because Im in a hurry.
I try with several drivers but they don't work too.
I got the recent driver from HP but it's useless..
What can I do?

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Goto WWW.HP.COM and download the newest HP driver for Windows95.
When the printer prints only trash characters, that means the driver problem in most the case.


I already have gone to HP.COM and also try to contact by phone to my local dealer (which i haven't found).
I got the most recent driver for the 540 series, but the information about that is that it only replaces some error for printing envelopes size 10.....

Is this the driver that you downloaded?  This is the most recent one I found:  Dated March 1, 1996.  Try to install it and see what happens.  It is for Windows 95.



Yeap, that is the driver, but it's no use unfortunately....
I wonder, if my printer is not compatible anymore with Windows 95, but if that was the case, then what is the purpose of all the drivers found in Windows95?

What version of win95 cd-rom do you have.
If you use the lastest version of the driver then you should be OK.


I haven't checked the version that I have...but I think its the same as anyother ... or not?

Try using a 600 or 600c driver. This will determine if the 540 driver is causing aproblem, or if it is something else.

Two other possibilities; 1/ Your printer cable may have gone the way of the dodo, easy to check, just try another cable, or 2/ check to see if your printer device driver may have been corrupted. Try (in device manager) changing from a standard printer port to an ecp printer port (or vice versa)

Good luck!

Look in device manager and determine if windows is using ecp/epp as the printer port type, if it is this is your problem as an hp540 can not use ecp/epp and will need to disabled in the bios in order to get this to work.  Win 3.1x does not support ecp/epp and this is why you would not have this problem, but win95 does and your printer does not.  Check into this and let me know.
If you need more help in determining this let me know and I will give step by step instructions.
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On the driver tab there are 2 options:
One is blocked: Driver File details and the other is Update Driver..
If I check this I go into the Update Device driver wizard...
is that correct?
Also I cannot find ecc/epp anywhere...
Only in the General Tab I found this information:
Manufacturer: (Standard Port Types)

Under standard port types
there should be a few installed port types, like
communications port 1
communications port 2
ecp printer port
Let me know if you see this.


I check the configuration of the manufacturer and it saids :
Standard Port Types.

What is under the standard port types?  Anything?


It saids
 Hardware version : Not available,
 Device Status:
 The device is working properly.

Try some drivers from Cannon or Lexmark just make sure that they are compatible with the PCL3 Chip on your printer, or that they can emulate PCL3 or higher.
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