without changing my autoexec.bat and config sys files i want to make a boot disk that will give me over 600 kb free space
how can i do this. i dont want to use memmaker but i do run quemm but my biggest free space at the moment is 540kb.
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tyloxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Uhm, do I get the points??
There is no way without changing the Autoexec.Bat and Config.Sys

You already said you use QEMM - that was the only other solution...

In Win95 it isn't possible to get more than 600Kb. That's because the MSDOS system program in Windows95 is nearly twice as large as in Dos6 and eats too much memory. You're only answer is to make a DOS6.x system disk.
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nightjarAuthor Commented:
how do I makea dos6 system disk?
Hmmmm, THAT`S strange....I have Win95 and can free-up over 617kb
you can make a dos 6 bootable floppy by starting from a pc that has dos 6 installed and issue the command format a: /s

If you are running qemm AND don't need graphics mode of your vga card (only text screens) you can increase base memory up to 694 k by using the i=a000-b7ff switch
nightjarAuthor Commented:
joopy seems to know
nightjarAuthor Commented:
would like to see tylocs autoexec and config setup please
   You said you didn`t want to change/edit your system files,
but, unless you want to be fooling around with boot disks every
time you are short conventional memory, you are going to HAVE to.
  I have Win95 OSR2 *ONLY*, underlying Dos 6.xx/Win3.xx
and as such, "memmaker" is NOT an option, as it didn`t COME with
the Dos7.x that comes with Win95. I also don`t use Qemm, though
I USED to use it on my old Win95 A-build. For your perusal, I have posted my autoexec.bat and config.sys files below.(Note:
I`ve added comments for the purposes of this post and used a "*"
to denote as such)


SET CLASSPATH=C:\Program Files\PhotoDeluxe 2.0\AdobeConnectables

rem - C:\AUDIODRV\ESSCFG.EXE /A:220 /I:5 /D:1 /B:330 /J:D
rem - C:\AUDIODRV\ESSVOL.EXE /V:8 /L:8 /W:8 /M:0 /C:8 /S:8 /A:8

rem - C:\AUDIODRV\ESSCFG.EXE /A:220 /I:5 /D:1 /B:330 /J:E
rem - C:\AUDIODRV\ESSVOL.EXE /V:8 /L:8 /W:8 /M:0 /C:8 /S:8 /A:0

REM ======== Cyberdrive IDE BUS CD-ROM Install Modification - Begin ========
rem - By Windows Setup - C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\MSCDEX /V /D:CD003 /M:10
REM ======== Cyberdrive IDE BUS CD-ROM Install Modification - End ========
*Note the "LH" in front of the mouse-driver call, this loads the
driver into high memory, instead of into conv(640k)memory!
LH C:\MTMMOUSE\MOUSE /B /N /L=GB /M=8,16 /A1 /F /R=0

REM ======== Cyberdrive IDE BUS CD-ROM Install Modification - Begin ========
*Note the "LH" remming-out the MSCDEX if it isn`t
actually required in "pure dos" due to the fact a game/app loads
and runs entirely off the HD, I can free-up even MORE 640k mem.
rem - LH C:\CDROM12X\MSCDEX /V /D:CD003 /M:10
REM ======== Cyberdrive IDE BUS CD-ROM Install Modification - End ========
REM The following line added by InocuLAN AntiVirus.

rem - DEVICE=C:\AUDIODRV\ES1868.COM /A:168 /I:C
rem - DEVICE=C:\AUDIODRV\ES1868.COM /A:0 /I:0
*Note: The 3 lines below are THE MOST IMPORTANT LINES that you
need to have if you want to manipulate/manage and free-up 640k.
Note also that you CANNOT load these "high", they must be loaded
into conventional memory(640k) or they will not work.
REM ======== Cyberdrive IDE BUS CD-ROM Install Modification-Begin ========
*Note the CD-rom drivers loaded high(devicehigh)
REM ======== Cyberdrive IDE BUS CD-ROM Install Modification - End ========

If you need anything clarified, let me know. I know my files LOOK
a mess, but I can assure you they work great;-)A lot of that remmed-out stuff was left over from the original installation
and added during a subsequent re-installation, so just ignore it.
  Ironically, you can free up the MOST amount of conventional memory in a Dos-WINDOW because Windows can take advantage of the
high memory blocks that "pure dos" cannot. Additionally, if your
game/app will run in a dos window, you can often rem-out the dos
mouse-driver as well, as the native windows driver works with
many dos apps as well, and this will save you even MORE 640k mem.
As a rule of thumb, is is best to load the largest drivers first,
much like packing a bunch of suitcases into a small trunk;)

On the line: DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE RAM it should be noted
that "RAM" is an optional parameter, and one not neccessarily the
best one for YOUR system. You leave "RAM" out entirely, you can
substitute "NOEMS" for RAM, you can substitute "EMS" for RAM, and
SOME systems(not MINE;)even support the "HIGHSCAN" parameter, though this caused MY machine to crash pretty good. You can even get fancy and include or exclude certain blocks of memory if you
want to, though this is NOT really neccessary.
I have a dos multitasking system running under dos/qemm/desqview with 8M ram.  The first line in the config.sys is : device=c:\qemm\qemm386.sys ram i=a000-b7ff nosh.

This gives me almost 700k base mem, or after loading desqview multiple dos windows of >600k each.  Only text mode however.  But who needs graphics really :-)

Instead of looking at someone elses autoexec.bat and config.sys, we could have a look at yours.

You say you only get 540k. What are you loading?
Try 'MEM /C /P' in and give us the result.

Way to go tde_koninck!
Did you upgrade over an old dos version. If so you should be able to boot to prevoius operating system and only load himem.sys and emm.386.exe plus dos=high. This should use the old dos 6 files allow you to have over 600k.

I believe that if you saved your backup files you should be able to boot to prevoius OS from the win95 statup menu. F8 when you see starting win95. If you want to try and backdoor the process you would need to have a bootdisk from dos 6. Check for files like config.dos and autoexec.dos.

If these files are in the root you should be able to go back with out a boot disk.

nightjarAuthor Commented:
much appreciated all who answered many thanks to tylox--have altered my set up and can now get over 600kb free space.

thanks again.

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