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I'm building a new machine from some old parts. CYRIX 6x86L 150+, M Tech 549 motherboard. During bootup the system recognizes my CDROM and the Segate ST3850A 850 MB HD but then the screen clears and a "PRESS A KEY TO REBOOT" message appears.  The system will not reboot from the keyboard (reset button works).  I've tried setting the BIOS to bypass all errors but no change. Same error occurs when I have a bootable floppy inserted. Ideas?
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bjusticeAuthor Commented:
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Bus speed? Type of RAM?
Try autodetect the hard drive. May sure you select the block mode. Also try a different display card. Do you have any other cards?
Just because the hard drive is detected does not mean it is installed with proper parameters.
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I'd say this is a very low-level problem.  Possibly ram or cache.  ram too slow or defective.  Clock speed too high, voltage for cpu incorrect.  Are your mainboard switches correct for type of cpu ?

Do you see starting windows message? Recheck your bios settings, Try another video card. Make sure the floppy is good.
bjusticeAuthor Commented:
The board is 66MHz, RAM is 2x16MB 72 pin SIMMS.  I have swapped several good viedio cards in/out with no change to the symptoms. Floopy is know good. All jumper settings have been rechecked. When placed in an operating machine, the RAM appears to function correctly. I have autodetected the HD (in LBA mode). On one (and only one) occasion (out of about 100 attempts) the starting windows message came up and Win95 began detecting new hardware.  After completing the hardware checks, I was instructed to reboot. When I did so, the machine booted back to the original state..."PRESS A KEY TO REBOOT" and the darn thing fails to respond to anything but the reset switch or the on/off switch.

Boot from a diskette, remember to run the BIOS setup and set the boot sequence to drive A 1st then any other drive, normally your HD will be the 2nd drive...

Then copy the from another PC and paste it back to your PC. The file is located in C:\Windows folder. Please make sure that your Windows version is the same as the other PC version.

Good luck :-)
At this point you may consider repartitioning and reformatting the disk. Try an old boot floppy, maybe dos 6.2 or so. Use a minimal config and no autoexec.
bjusticeAuthor Commented:
I fixed the problem.  There were no hardware or memory problems.  I disabled some default settingins in my Some obscure settings in my bios and the thing worked fine. Thanks for all the attempts at helping.  If someone is interested, I'll go back and look to see which settings made the difference.
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recheck your default settings,make sure they are set correctly

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