Windows cannot create any more DCs

What is this? I couldn't find any help on it. I was trying to load a Microsoft game.  The install was successful, but when hit play, this comes up.
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sKiiKeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How many entries do You have in Your root directory (C:\)? If there is say more than 300, it may prevent making new directories and even make the hard disk temporarily write protected.
What is DC? I suppose you too don't know about it. Try reinstalling
the game.

If DC = directories, check the free space on your hard disk
Skiike this is blatant cheating attempt. I have 10179 Expert
Points, and your copying my comment will not bother me. Still
there should be some ethics in this forum. katja if space is the
problem and you are using Windows 95B, then you may want to
convert your drive to FAT32. You can do this by buying
Partition Magic.
varun Sorry if You feel that way but I would suggest You read carefully. I was pointing out that the entries of root directory could cause the trouble even when there could be enough free space.

katja if we are on the right track please donate those points to varun
Again a bad attempt to insult me. I do not want any points from this question and would not add any comment or answer from now. Also the exact figure is 255 and not 300.
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