ActiveX can not download to client machine ..

I have write an ActiveX control use VB, a very simple ; a label with caption "This is a test". I make a .ocx and use the Application Setup Wizard to make a Cab file and a Html file. I test to use it, it work not all of client machine, some work and some not work (the security set as Low). How can I do ?
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Place your ActiveX control in a subdirectory under your virtual root. for example under SUB1
Instead of using URL in
<OBJECT ...etc... CODEBASE="http://www...where-ever your control is>
try using relative paths. For example:
<OBJECT ...etc... CODEBASE="sub1/..>

Hope this will solve your problem.
CODEBASE tag in the <OBJECT> definition in HTML

<OBJECT ...etc... CODEBASE="http://www...where-ever your control is>

jom080298Author Commented:

I did it already :

This is Default.htm and the is in the same directory of htm file.

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Make sure that the dependent Dlls are downloaded and installed properly too.

Also try this ..
CODEBASE="Test.CAB #version=1,0,0,0">

(Note the space)
jom080298Author Commented:
I have did it already. I used Application Setup Wizard (Tool come with VB5) to create the CAB file and it generated default.htm which generally contents we have seen but it work not all computer, I don't know we must setup something on that computer which not work...
Check the inf file for that CAB file and see what dependencies it is listing there. The setup "wizard" points you to MS's site for some dependent dlls, so make sure that if the dlls are not there, you can access Microsoft's site.
What does it do on the client machines that it doesn't work on, because if it tries to display it as text, then your problem, is that the server is probably UNIX and doesn't recognize the file format so it associates it with a text format.  To get around this, you can simply rename the file to a .bin extension and change the reference in the html document as well, then the UNIX server will reference your file with an octet type, and IE will then use the id within the file to recognize it, and it should open successfully.

I hope this helps.


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The Activex Control has to be packaged with a license file and be put in as .cab file,this can be achieved by using an LPK.exe which is in the tools directory of Visual Basic.This generates a .lpk file.Add it with the control and try the same,but this is a temproary solution,cos u have to get a digital certificate for u'r control.Hope this solves u'r problem(temporarily)
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