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DW082598 asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
When I am making a list (i.e) (2) receptacles
                              (4) duplex swithces
                              (6) wall covering plates etc
and then I try to "bullet" these items, it doesn't ask if I want to replace these numbers, it just automatically does it. I know that if I bullet them before I make the numbers then it works, but Microsoft is famous for "formatting" afterwards. Anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent the "bullets" from taking over?
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What program are you using?  Microsft Word?  If so, do not press enter after the line because it will force the next bullet... Start out with a blank document and then press enter x times... Then use your cursor keys to place the numbers and the list... DO NOT PRESS ENTER... this will create the bullet ... Of course, if you are using some other program, then the solution is different...


Yes, I know that will work, but that is not what we are looking for. Is there someway to "prevent" the bullets from appearing when you press enter? Being a secretary,is where we are running into the problem. Sometimes the guys do not tell us that they want those "bullets" on the items, and when we give the sheet back to them for signing or whatever, they say, "oh.....let's bullet these. There you have it....if it were only a matter of three or four items, it would not be such a big problem, but if you have 25-50 items, you can see where the problem lies. Any help would be appreciated.


  If you have things numbered (i.e. (1), (2), (3) and so forth) you should highlight them first, and then hit the bullet key.  This will place a bullet in front of the numbering.

As for the bulleting when you press enter, the best way around it is this:

write out the text you want to bullet (without the bullets).  For example:

doggy <press enter>

When done, highlight the whole section with the text and hit the bullet key.  After the bullets are placed, click underneath the area under 'doggy' to place your cursor in a 'neutral area.'


Again, I don't think you are understanding what it is I am looking for. Try this:     (4) duplex receptacels
                           (6) single plates
                           (8) I-beams
                           (20) steel studs
                           (115) feet of concrete curb

Type all of that in and THEN highlight and push the bullet button. It will NOT promp you and ask if you want to keep the numbers or have them replaced. What you end up with is:

                           • duplex receptacels
                           • single plates
                           • I-beams
                           • steel studs
                           • feet of concrete curb

Like I said before, it is not a problem when you only have a few items to go back and put the numbers back in, what I am talking about is when you have 25-50 such items, and the guys say Oh... bullet these, will you? We have already written our (numbers) in and if we bullet them, then we end up with no (numbers. Please, I am not trying to be difficult, I am just trying to save my blood pressure, when I have to re-type something. We did not have this problem in Windows 95. Why do we have it now?


   That is weird.  I take it you are using office 97 (word97) in windows 98?  I tried doing what you said but my numbers don't get replaced.  I get bullets.

When you insert the numbers (ie (2)) you are doing it manually, right?  That is, the program is not generating the format for you and then you insert the appropriate number within the parenthesis (x)?  If so, that is your problem.  Word will generate bullets or numbers automatically, but you can only allow it to to one.  You have to create the numbering yourself if you what to use the bullets subsequently.


Yes, dankh, you are on the right track, but try putting those numbers with words behind them and then highlighting them, and if yours doesn't get rid of the bullets, let me know what you are doing. If you just put the numbers with (), then it will bullet, but if you put words behind them .....goodby (numbers).

Oh..yes, I am using Word 97 in Windows 98. You are the closest one to understand what I am looking for. I really appreciate your help. If


  Ok, i think i understand now.  You are not including the parenthesis?  You are just using the numbers?  For example:

9 screwy nuts
68 monkey wrenches


  Forget about the last comment--it doens't change a thing.

I can do it with either way.  This is a long shot, but what do you have to lose.  Your normal.dot file might have been altered and Word is saving those altercations for every situation.  Find that file on your harddrive, send it to the recycle bin (don't delete it).  Upon opening Word again, a NEW normal.dot file will be generated with the default settings.  By the way, any alterations by you with the previous file will be lost in the new one.  You would be essentially starting from scratch.


I don't know, but I think I already did this, am I behind?


Yeah!!! I never thought about that. You are probably right. By the way, I do use the (). But if I have already typed words in behind (i.e......(4000) psi concrete, then when I highlight, I lose the number I end up with a bullet and the words psi concrete.  But I will try your suggestion.You win!!!


I am real new at this. How do I credit dankh with the 100 points that I now owe him? Some one HELP!!


   Did you solve your problem??  If so, i will submit the answer and you can reward me the points and grade me.  


Yes Dankh, it solved my problem!!!! You are indeed an expert!! I had intended to take a class on Visual Basic and the teacher told me about this Expert Exchange. It is sure great. I am not in the same catagory as you guys, but mostly I handle the internal problems we have here at the office, you know, how to spell check in a protected form, how to make the macros etc. This one really had me stumped but you solved it for me!!! THANKS
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The other day when you answered my question about the bullets, you were right, and I did what you said, and it worked! BUT the next day, when I had a letter all typed up and I went back and highlighted the area I wanted to bullet, the entire letter, including the footer and the header became bulleted. No matter what I did, I couldn't make it just bullet the highlighted area. It either bulleted the entire letter, or none. What am I doing wrong?


   How about sending me a letter that you have problems with and let me see what i can do with it?  I am guessing you or someone else uses your machine and perhaps they change the formatting for the normal.dot. And, i am also beginning to suspect that you have macro viruses.  When we deleted the normal.dot file, it removed the virus.  However, if you have other docs on your machine infected and when you open them, it will re-infect the normal.dot.  If you like, send me the file you are having trouble with and i will check it out.  Zip it up first so i can download it.
 Also, tell me what you are trying to bullet within the letter.
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