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Getting rid of default margins

bigstar asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-08-18
When using tables in FrontPage, the editor always gives you a margin of about 5 to 6mm from the top and left hand side of the page. For the most part this is fine, if not desirable. However I now have a situation where I want the tables to have NO top and LHS margin at all.

Is this possible?

If the above is at all unclear I can post something up on the 'Net to illustrate the problem.
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Dedsi - this sounds great - just what I've been looking for. Does it also work in MSIE 3.0 - 3.2. Most of my Intranet audience have this browser, although I'm trying to encourage MSIE 4.0?

Nevertheless I'll report back when I've tried your solution, meanwhile if you are able to test the older MSIE option for me - I'd be much obliged. Thanks

hi bigstar,

Im truly sorry, but Im using IE4 myself so I cant use IE3. Though, I dont think this will work for IE3 but as I said I havent tried it. As for Netscape, I have no clue because I only use 4.x.

One thing is sure and that is that it will work in 4.x in both browsers as I use it on my own homepage.

Good luck!



Dedsi - Yep you're right, it sure does work in IE4 - so many thanks for that. I'm going ahead now and applying this to about 150 pages - lucky me huh?

I think the points are safely yours whether it works in E3+ or not, however I'd like to try it tomorrow at my workplace - just to make sure and return here tomorrow evening - I'm in the UK BTW.


Dedsi - seems to work fine in MSIE 3.0 - 3.2 also - so I'm a happy man. Big thanks.

BTW - I understand the leftmargin="0" topmargin="0"  part of the argument, but what's the significance of the marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" part. Why is that necessary in addition to the leftmargin="0" etc?

Hi bigstar,

leftmargin and topmargin will only work for IE-browsers. To make it work in Netscape Communicator aswell you need to use the marginwidth and marginheight tags. I dont know why Netscape and IE wont agree to one HTML-standard but now they havent so you will have to use both tags if you want it to work in both browsers.

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