How can I use more then one icon on my d3 apps ?

How can I use more then one icon in my d3 apps:
like for example when I wan't to use icon myapp.exe,2 as devault icon
for the accociated files of my app..
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kogerConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Create a new Resource file with Image Editor that comes with Delphi, add a Icon to the Resource file and save it as project2.res or whatever you like.
Then open your Delphi project and add a $R after implementation, eg.

  Form1: TForm1;


{$R *.DFM}
{$R project2.res}


Just insert them in your .res file before linking, using the image editor or some other resource editor.

/// John
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It would be easy if you used a *REAL* programming language. They allow for things like this.
This is not the kind of answer we expect here.
To your knowledge, Pascal is a Real programming language.Likely developed even before you were born.

"...Pascal was carefully planned, designed and formally defined in 1970 by Prof. Ni on the basis of Algol (1960) - the very first language for structured programming..."
"...C was first designed by Dennis Ritchie for use with UNIX on DEC PDP-11 computers. The language evolved from Martin Richard's BCPL, and one of its earlier forms was the B language, which was written by Ken Thompson for the DEC PDP-7. The first book on C was The C Programming Language by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, published in 1978." - from "Unix Unleashed..."
I believe that the answer proposed by Cantrell was probably something to do with the pointless question posted by Skatan187:

Can we keep it to the Lounge section please Skatan187?

skatan187Author Commented:
Delphi 3 allows you to use more then one icon.. using the .res file !!!

Are you questioning and answering youself?
skatan187Author Commented:
I tried the .res file:

I wan't to add an icon with more then 2 formats
16*16 16 colors
16*16 more then 16 colors
32*32 16 colors
32*32 more then 16 colors
48*48 16 colors
48*48 more then 16 colors

each time I do this (Not to normal way because this seems to be impossible) :
the mainicon of my app is changed into the 1st icon I added.
and the actual mainicon is on the second place (so not the mainicon anymore) :)
SO .. I tried to use the second icon first and then the mainicon: but same
result ..
my new questions
1) Are there other .res editors and where can I get them
2) Is there a way to make this reg file right with the image editor of delphi
3) how can I choose the place of the icon (1,2,3 or 4th)

comon dudes.. I give 100 points because I need is ASAP ! :)


You can try the resource workshop instead of the image editor.
If you have some icon files, I beleive you can compile them with the RES file using BRC32.EXE, BRCC32.EXE
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