Send trigger to VB Client app from SQL Server

I would like to notify administrators who are logged in to the server thru a VB client app when an insert is performed on a table using a server side trigger. Ideally i would like to send the inserted records to the clinet, but just notifying the app some how would be great.  How do i do this?  Thank you
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altenaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use COM:

In the trigger, create a com-object (one you wrote yourself)
The object can notify admins/everyone through all means
available. (E-mail for example, or it can raise an event in the
Can you clarify notify?

I am not implying what you want to do is impossible, I am trying to understand what you want the trigger/VB app to do...
emidiodAuthor Commented:
Thanks Altena:
I have already started to create a server side out of process server which uses the winsock control.  I am also placing the winsock control in the client app.  If i create an out of process server on the SQL box i am hoping to instantiate it with sp_OACreate. I have not done this before so i am a little unsure...but i'm gonna try it.
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tnx for the grade.

Do yourself a favor: Spend some time on COM and DCOM

The winsock solution is faster to build, but more likely to
break under maintenance. (Trust me, I know...)
emidiodAuthor Commented:
I thought an out of process server was a COM object.  How can I communicate between remote apps without using the winsock control? Can i directly fire an event from the server to the client app?  Do you have any samples?
Its not easy, but not tooo difficult to.

SQL-Server ---> EventFiringObject(In exe-server)

VB-App --> EventReceivingObject(Same exe-server)

Whenever An event is fired, The exe server passes them on
to VB.

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