Connecting a Mac to an NT Network

Posted on 1998-08-26
Last Modified: 2013-11-13
I'm trying to connect a Mac to an NT Network in order to facilitate the exchange of files but I don't know where to start.  I'm not too familiar with Macs.  Any suggestions?
Question by:kmulcahy
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Accepted Solution

jkjung earned 10 total points
ID: 1581361
Well, the best way to do this is to install commercial software, like Thursby System's DAVE.  It installs protocols, like NetBEUI and IPX, so that you can see "the network".  File transfer is a breeze, then, to other PCs.  (Make sure you have those protocols installed on the PCs too.)

However, if you're just wanting to transfer files to the NT Server and leave them there, just add one service.  Go to the Network control panel on the NT Server.  In the Services panel, add "Services for Macintosh".  Once you restart your computer, all Macs will see the NT Server via Chooser's AppleShare.  Of course, make sure that your passwords are no longer than eight characters.

I hope this helps.

--MikroData (jkjung)

Author Comment

ID: 1581362
What is the best way to physically connect the computer to the network.  Should I install a LAN card into the MAC or use the Appleport that's already in it?
Also, does adding "Services for Macintosh" work both ways for file transfer?  I need to move files from the PC's to the Mac, edit them, then move them back to a PC.

Expert Comment

ID: 1581363
You said that PCs are all connected via the network, a.k.a. a local area network (LAN).  Thus, you need to connect the Macs in the same manner--to the same LAN.

You don't install LANs to computers.  A LAN is the combined connectivity of multiple computers.  Each of these computers use a network interface card (NIC).  Thus, you need to install a NIC in your Mac, or if none is available for your model, an appropriate adapter will do.  Please give me the model of your Mac(s), so I can tell you what you need to get/buy.

When you refer to "Appleport", I assume you are talking about the Macs' built-in AppleTalk networking via the serial ports.  This is, mainly, used to create a LAN of Macs.  However, when you involve PCs or greater than 50 Macs, you need to implement the networking solution that the PCs have.  Most likely, the PCs are using these protocols:  IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, TCP/IP.

(Please note that Services for Macintosh is only available to NT Server, not NT Workstation nor any other version of Windows.)  All you have to do is "Share" the "Macintosh UAM Volume" folder on the NT Server, so that PC users can access/modify/etc. it.  Macs will be able to access the same folder via the Chooser's AppleShare.  Make sure that you give appropriate permissions to that folder; otherwise, you will find that you cannot modify.

So, the short answer to your second question is, "Yes."

I hope this helps.

--MikroData (jkjung)

Author Comment

ID: 1581364
Thanks for all your help.  We are using TCP/IP for the LAN and are trying to connect a Powermac G3 266MHz Minitower.  

Here is the situation:  Someone gets an e-mail with an attachment on their PC running NT Workstation.  They need to move it to the Mac which runs a certain graphics program that is needed to edit the file.  Then they need to move it back to their PC.  Does all this have to go through the (NT) Server?

Do they have to move it to the Server from their PC (using the network) and then go to the Mac and retrieve it from the server (via the network)?  

Thanks for all your help!

Expert Comment

ID: 1581365
Since you have a G3, an ethernet port is built-in.  Just make sure that it is a straight through cable (same pin-out configuration on both ends), and make sure that it is 10/100, not just 10-capable.

The cheapest way is to use the NT Server.  The easiest way (not cheap) is to use DAVE (as mentioned earlier).  You choose.  I've already said how to do it, so I won't repeat.

I hope this helps.

--MikroData (jkjung)

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